Stacks of clothes early-6 months and baby bits

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    Barely worn! Lots of next included, baby gap, monsoon, disney and more!
    I have:
    Sheet bundle x8
    tiny/early baby bundle x 27
    -0-3 month snowsuits/coat x 3
    -0-3 month hats/sleepsuits/babygro's x 28
    -0-3 month tops/dresses/swimsuit x27
    -0-3 month trousers x 16
    -3-6 month babygro's.sleepsuits/hats x 18
    -3-6 month trousers/shorts x 21
    -3-6 month jumpers/coats x 6
    -3-6- month tops x 14
    -3-6 month dresses and skirt x 5
    -x6 mittens
    -tommee tippee milk powder pots x 6
    -manual tommee tippee breast pump and 27 milk storage bags, pump used 3 times
    -Tommee tippee single bottle warmer never opened
    - Pink co-sleeper/travel bed

    please email [email protected]

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