Strange symptoms that I'd never heard of before...

Discussion in 'Two Week Wait' started by SpudsMama, Jan 30, 2011.

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    Hi everyone, I'm currently 7 dpo.

    At 5 dpo, after feeling nothing except for the usual creamy cm after ovulation, I suddenly had another day of full ferning on my saliva scope. Ferning on a scope means that there is a lot of estrogen in my body. So could that have been implantation?? It only lasted one day, then on 6 dpo went back to no ferning again.

    On 6 dpo I had some random niggles and twinges all over the place, ranging from the centre of my abdomen, to low down, to right around my sides. Not very painful and they came and went throughout the day. I also had about one minute of a very painful stabbing sensation, below my belly button and just to the left. Haven't felt it since.

    Now on 7 dpo, I've been getting this dull ache/pressure right on my pubic bone, NOT around or above it, but the bone itself is really aching. It's more noticeable when I'm sitting or lying still, not as much when I'm on the move. I've never felt this before. I've not been able to find anything about it in any 2ww forums either so does anyone have any idea what it means or what's causing it? I know I haven't bumped or bruised it on anything.

    Thanks in advance and baby dust to all :happydance: xx

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