Switching from combo to just formula feeding??

Discussion in 'Formula Feeding' started by aragornlover8, Apr 5, 2011.

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    I was wondering if anyone could advise me on this. I found out from a few pre and post-feeding weighs at my daughter's pediatrician's office that I don't produce enough milk. They were able to measure down to the mL to see what she was getting from the breast, and the numbers just didn't really match expectations either time. So I've been advised to continue to combo feed, which means I give her anywhere from 10 to 20 minutes at the breast (she tires of the breast easily, so that's usually the most I can give her) and then follow it up with about 2oz of formula.

    The thing is, and I know I'm going to sound like a whiner, that I'm finding combo feeding to be really tough. It's hard to motivate myself (especially at night) to feed her twice. I also feel like she's getting more and more used to the bottle, so it's making breastfeeding more and more difficult.

    I initially wanted to continue to combo feed throughout her newborn stage, so that she could get all of the antibodies she needed. But I'm losing motivation, and I keep feeling like I'm a failure and doing something wrong. Or just not trying hard enough. And I'm starting to get stressed out about it.

    I feel pressure to continue to breastfeed, and I worry I won't be giving my daughter enough of a starting chance if I don't. Especially considering she was slightly premie when she was born at 36 weeks gestation (I had developed preclampsia).

    I guess I'm wondering if there are any women who have been in the same boat and have some advice to give on the subject? I know this post sounds awfully whiny, and for that I apologize.
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    Hey, combo feeding is really hard. So :hugs:
    I also didn't have enough milk and eventually swapped to using an at breast supplementer for giving all the formula feeds. It made my life easier in a few ways (time wise and maximizing my milk supply), but it's not significantly easier than breast feeding then bottle feeding (about the same level of difficulty really--once you get the hang of it). It's an option to try if you are keen on continuing to BF, but if you want to swap to fully FF I totally understand!
    It's not about trying hard enough, really. Combo feeding is twice the work, twice the time so don't feel guilty. It shouldn't be about who tries the hardest. You need to preserve your sanity for doing all the other mommy things so only do what you think you can handle. :hugs: If you think you might feel guilty later write down all your thoughts and rationalizations so you can read it later when you think that you didn't make a good decision. If you do want to continue to combo feed I can give you some good tips as well.

    You'll likely find that as you start to hit the growth spurts that your baby may start to refuse the breast in preference for the bottle--just to warn you. If you let your baby take the lead you'll probably find yourself breast feeding less and less as she comes to prefer the bottle.
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    :hugs: Combi feeding was mega hard for me too. My LO would never properly latch, so I had to express. I first had to try to latch her, then give her expressed bm, then a formula topup. I ended up with double the amount of bottles and a hell of a lot more stress. I saw loads of midwives and a lactation consultant as I was determined to BF, but nobody could get LO to latch without a shield. Even with a shield I only managed about 3 feeds over the time I BF, she just wasn't interested. I managed 6 weeks before caving in and switching over to full time FF. I felt stupidly guilty at first, but realised that I couldn't have continued that way - it was making me hate being a mum. Switching to FF saved my sanity, sometimes you have to accept that BFing isn't going to work out the way you hoped...

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