Syptoms and starting clomid.... Help!!!

Discussion in 'Long Term Trying To Conceive' started by SummerLily, Jun 6, 2011.

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    Hi Ladies ,

    I have a regulare 28-29 day cycle ( have always been regular) and on my next cycle i am due to start clomid 50mg cycle days 2-6.

    I do ovulate just not ever month and hubbys SA is fine hence the clomid to try and give us the extra push.

    But this month have had some 'odd' symptoms such as : wierd pains in my ovary area , nipples becoming randomly erect and the nipple itself turning white, and an odd bout of nausea which came and went within minutes. Im currently in the '2week wait' having ovullated this month - roughly 25/26th whic was when i had the extra stretchy mucus.

    That was 11 days ago and I am due for AF's arrival in 6 days time. but today on popping to the loo , when i wiped , I had 3 small spots of light pinkness ( all in total would have been the size of a 2 pence piece if not smaller). which i assumed was AF arriving but on wiping again there was nothing ! not even an incling of it ! but there is a fair amount of creamy cm.

    I never have spotting before my period actually arrives, and have been wearng a sanitry pad since that this morning just in case but have just checked it and wiped again and there was nothing.

    im due to start my first cycle of clomid shortly , so do i take this as cd1 , even though i would not have classed this as a period but it loked like the very early stages of a period if that makes sence...

    Ive already consided it being implantation bleeding but having read up on it , haveseen loads about implantation bleeding being colouring in a lot of discharge that lasts for 3 days!!!

    please help ! I'm so confused about whats what and when to start everything !! my nipples have also been really sensetive for the last 3 days. but only sensetive when touched.
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    It could be anything really, hun....

    Could be early af which will come on fully today/tomorrow
    It could be breakthrough bleeding and af won't show for another few days
    Or it could be implantation - I would just wait and see what happens over the next few days and may be take an early test tomorrow/Wed.

    Good luck!

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