Test Brand - Date - DPO - Result (How To Title Your Topic To Help Others)

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Aug 31, 2006
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Share your pregnancy test results with other BabyandBump members.

Maybe you are unsure of your test result or simply want to show off your confirmed BFP.
Sharing information like brand, DPO (days past ovulation), cycle day & result if known can be very helpful to current & future members.

Examples of the subject could be anything like:

Clearblue – 14dpo – Positive
Clearblue – Cycle Day 25 – Unsure?
Cheapie – 14dpo – Evap line
Tesco – Cycle day 25 – Negative

This helps people who may test with the same brand that you have used.

Please don’t feel stupid posting negative, evaporation lines or tests that you really aren’t sure about as I say it does help & we are here to help you.

Good luck to all TTC

I think evaps would definatley be a good one to post, alot of people dont know what evaps look like unless theyve had a few
I have just posted a picture of my tests.. they were babymad ultra early tests. Claim to detect as early as 8 days.. I tested at 8,9,10 and 11 days. I have a 26 day cycle, and got Faint + with all. Also had the ov tests from them and had three + tests, gave up testing after the 3rd. For 10 ov strips and 10 pg strips it cost £6 from ebay.. hope this helps others
early pregnancy test...8dpo!...Faint +
negative on 7dpo and darker on 9dpo!!

STICK Please!!
LMP 8-25-07 (24-25 day cycles)

Aimstick Pregnancy Test Strips- CD23 (9-17-07)- 10 dpo - faint but VERY positive
Aimstick Pregnancy Test Strips - CD30 - 17dpo - dark line Positive

Both using FMU and both showed results within 3-5 minutes.

First Response Early Response- 11DPO- Positive (VERY dark!)
cheepys of ebay 8dpo
Clear blue digi 8/9 dpo

POSITIVES!!!!!! xxxx
Hmmm :lol:

Ok this was the idea/suggestion behind you posting your tests in the gallery - your own thread topics! I think I will lock this now :lol:
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