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The Pink Patch

ive not used it but i cant see any reason why it would work hun better of spending your money on a good balanced diet
My sister has the pink patch. I really thought it was a waste of money as she has tried lots of things and spent loads. she went for it any way and she has been taking it for nearly 2 months now and you can tell she looks slimmer. I am amazed it really works as she hasnt really changed her diet and she still smokes and drinks alcohol on occasions. Also she said she has lost inches everywhere but her bust which is fab as normally thats the first area to lose size lol.

Also she brought her patches from an ebay site so they were half the price than off the website =]

I've tried it and it was crap! didn't do anything at all for me. Was a complete waste of money
ooh i did wonder... but yeah I cant see that it would work for me!!

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