The Real Godfathers Dvd Boxset **((great xmas present))**

Discussion in 'Buy, Swap & Sell' started by hellotasha, Oct 9, 2008.

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    Jul 11, 2008
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    This was bought last week & we have watched it already, it contains 8 dvds of the storys & lives of the real godfathers.

    Al Capone - Scarface.
    Bugsy Siegal.
    Louis Lepke.
    The Gambinos.
    The Genovese Family.
    Meyer Lansky 'Mob Tycoon'.
    Frank Costello.
    Henry Hill 'Good Fella'

    This would make a great xmas gift, box still as new so are the dvds.

    This cost me £20 would sell for £10 including p&p

    Heres the link from where i bought it

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