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Sep 13, 2006
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grrr ive got bloody tooth ache its killing me

but as our dentist turned private i now have to pay for treamtents even tho impreg n got an exemption card :cry: i just cant afford to go and i kno he will say that its either a root canal treatment or to take it out i jsut cant afford either its costs in the £100s for a root canal and bout 40 to take it out it hurts tho......

and have checked all the nhs ones round here they aint taking ne new patients :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry:
aww no hun, my dentist went private too, so im without atm :( toothache is a nytmare :hugs: get some cloves and put it beside where its sore(liek tuck it into side of mouth) numbs it :D
I'm sure you can get an emergency appointment with an NHS dentist. Ring NHS direct for some advice to go about it that way x x
Im still without a dentist aswell :blush: . Not been for three years so really should get registered lol

Hope the pain eases for you loop.
Do you not have a dental hospital you could go to? We have one in Bristol for if you are not registered with a dentist. Basically it is students doing their training but they only charge £20 which isnt too bad.

Hope you get it sorted hun .. worst kind of pain init. :hugs:
well the problem also is i have a huge phobia of the dentist i can start crying jsut thinking bout going.......... i had to ring this morning t osee if i could get an emergncy app..... well i got one and i started crying there and then on the fone..... i got so wound up bout going felt so sick was shaking so bad.... when i got there i had to wait for a bit when i did see the dentist she said that there was a bit of an infection so i needed tablets.... (only just finished a course for a water infection ggrrrr) and that really they need to xray the tooth but cant cuz im pregnant....... but if it gets really bad im going to have to go back b4 the babys here.......
the only problem is the cost
£120 for a root canal and
£40-60 for it to be taken out.............
i cant afford either right now as i dont work havnt been for ova a year now...........

i was also made to feel stupid bout my phobia....... i know im going to have to have treatment but omg im so so so so scared and no one else seems to understand how im feeling....:cry:

I know exactly how you feel hun, to say i'm petrified of the dentist is an understatement. I didn't register with one for ages, then when i did (recommended as being nice and gentle), he was horrendous.

If my OH goes to dentist for appt, and i'm with him, i feel sick and stomach churns just sitting in waiting room.

I had lovely dentist and she left :( replacement was horrid so i told them i want to see someone else. New one is fantastic, when i went i was sat in the chair in tears in a right state, but she was really nice and understanding.

I hope u get it sorted hun, and u have my every sympathy.:hugs::hugs:
if u ring NHS direct they will give u details of an emergency nhs treatment centre, they have them some times within walk in centres,
Aww hun dont feel silly about a phobia .. its not something you can help! I hope you get this sorted .. i often get an infection behind one of my wisdom teeth and have to have antibiotics but they want to take it out and i keep refusing .. lol .. but know how painful it is :hugs:
wud u believe i have had toothache since readin this thread lol, i h8 the dentist 2, but its gettin a bit unbearable so think itll b a trip to dental hosp 4 me soon!
Loop, i am just teh same with dentists. Fear is the reason why i havent been registered for 3 years. I learnt the hard way last time that i need to keep going (8 fillings) but its not enough to give me the push to go register.

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