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Sep 1, 2006
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Ive got my Triple Test on 30th January so im going to be attacked by DRACULA arghhhhhhhhhh

Then on 31st ive my 16 week midwife check nothing like taking yourself to DRacula twice in two days is there,


You'll be fine Cat, at least you don't have to do it twice, I did :(

The blood got damaged so I had to go back again the week after, but hey ho these things happen and all was ok 1 in 19,000.

Good Luck with both appointments :hugs:

hi hun yeah you should be fine i hate needles and i remeber i went for my 12 wk bloods told the woman i dont like needles and not to show me she said its hard not to show you what a stupid cow as in the hospital you sort of sit sideways to them andi thought well just dont go sticking te needle in front of my face she said is this your first baby i said no 3rd she said ohh well you should be used to this cheeky cow i nearly stuck the needle up her arse if your afraid tell them could you please try to do it gentle and say your afraid of needles. i had my triple test done and the woman who done it i barely felt it that how gentle she was so tell them dont be frightened

spunky xxx

test results were 1 in 6300
I hope your appt.s go well! Hopefully you get a good nurse that takes it easy on you. I had a bad one at the hospital and now I am jumpy whenever I have to have blood drawn. Ask for a butterfly needle if possible, ( they feel like a mosquito bite)
well its better than a needle through the tummy like the amnio one I had!

i think blood tests are nothing and have never understood it I have never felt one being done. My hubby is petrifued tho :?
Yeah I'm pretty good with needles too, just feel a little sharp stab like a scratch and that's it. I can watch them giving me injections like tetanus but I can't stand the sight of blood especially my own. makes me go weak :lol:


aww hun im sure you will be fine .
Im pretty good with needles , just cant watch them put it in i can watch the blood come out though .
Good luck with it all ((HUG))

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