TTC #2, confusing cycles

Discussion in 'Trying To Conceive' started by fields43, Jun 4, 2011.

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    Hi all, I've lurked around this site for months, but this is my first post. Thanks ahead of time for reading my long-winded question.

    My son is 14 months old. I got my first period since he was born at the beginning of March, and we wanted to TTC right away. My cycles seemed like I remembered them, except a longer period of spotting before full flow and lighter bleeding in general. I hadn't started temping, but I was monitoring CM and really felt I saw a buildup mid-cycle including 1 day of EWCM. After 2 "cycles", my last one got really weird and now I'm not sure if I've been ovulating yet at all.

    This cycle started out with a full week of spotting before getting a few days of heavy flow, so it was about 2 weeks of spotting/bleeding in all. Not sure what would have counted as CD1 there. About a week after my "period" stopped, I had one instance of seeing pink CM after having a bm. Although I didn't notice any EWCM, I thought maybe I was ovulating so we made sure to dtd that day. Three days after that I had a little bit of red/pink spotting once during the day. Now it's a few days later and today I have noticed a more significant amount of brown stringy spotting and I have mild cramps.

    I am so stumped. Once I read that it can take several cycles for your estrogen levels to build up enough to ovulate, I kind of stopped paying attention to everything and am just waiting for a normal-seeming period...which hasn't happened since my son was born.

    Has anybody else had weird, unexplained spotting while trying to conceive a 2nd? Just a side note, my son has weaned fully recently, so breastfeeding isn't clouding the issue anymore.

    Thanks to anybody who takes the time to read this, think about it, and write a response!
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    I didn't wanna read and run hun, but I can't really help, I always had the Depo shot right after giving birth so I had to work that out of my system before TTC and I think that works differently than your body getting back into rhythm on it's own. I'm sure it's just your body trying to work itself out though and your cycles will straighten themselves out shortly, assuming you don't fall pregnant first! But you should definitely start temping so you can know for sure if your ovulating, because if your not a trip to the OB could answer a lot of questions. Good Luck!

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