Understanding your maternity (green) notes - abbreviations explained

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    I posted this in third tri and people seem to have found it useful, so I thought that I would share it with you lot...


    * G= Gravida means # of Pregnancy
    * P= Parity means # of deliveries > 20 weeks , P tpal (T=term,preterm,abortion, live child)
    * Term= > 37 wks,< 42 wks, or >2500 gms
    * Preterm= 20-37 wks,>500 gms <2500gms
    * Abortion= <20 weeks, <500gms,<25cm
    * Post term= >42 weeks
    * Puerperium= birth -42 days postpartum
    * Trimesters: 1st <12 wks, 2nd = 13-28 wks, 3rd = >28 wks

    ------------------------------Ultrasound Acronyms------------------------------
    ABO - May be seen in reference to blood test to check what your blood group is
    AC - Abdominal circumference
    AF - Artificial feed i.e. bottle fed
    AFP - Alpha fetal protein (test offered at 16weeks to assess risk of problems with babe such as Downs syndrome)
    ANC - Ante natal clinic
    APH - Ante partum haemorrhage. Bleed whilst pregnant
    BF - Breast fed
    BO - Bowels opened
    BNO - Bowels not opened
    BPD - Bi parietal diameter. One side of the head to the other (ear to ear direction)
    BP - blood pressure
    Br - Breech
    CEPH - Cephalic (head), in regards to presentation means head down
    CRL - Crown to rump length i.e. Top of head to baby.s bum
    C/S - Caesarian section
    CTG - Cardio toco graph. The machine that they use on delivery suite to measure contractions and baby.s heart rate over a period of time
    Cx - Cervix
    = d - Usually in relation to fundal height (uterus size) means is right for dates
    EBM - Expressed breast milk
    EDD - Estimated date of delivery
    ELSCS - Emergency lower segment caesarean section
    Eng - Engaged
    EPU - Early pregnancy unit
    FAU - Fetal assessment unit
    FBC - Full blood count
    FBS - Fetal blood sample OR fasting blood sugar
    FL - Femoral length (thigh bone)
    FMF - Fetal movements felt
    FHHR - fetal heart heard regularly (sometimes seen as FHH)
    GTT - Glucose tolerance test
    G2 P1 - Gravida 2 (2nd pregnancy) Para 1 (1 child living)
    GA - General anaesthetic
    Hb - Haemoglobin i.e. Iron levels
    HC - Head circumference
    IM - Intra muscular
    IUGR - Intra uterine growth Restriction i.e. Small baby for dates
    IV - Intra venous (going into vein)
    IVI - Intra venous infusion i.e. a drip
    LA - Local anaesthetic
    LMP - Last menstrual period
    LOA - Left occiput anterior i.e. the back of baby.s head is to the front left side of your abdomen (where you want it to be)
    LOP - Left occiput posterior i.e. back of baby.s head is to the back left side of your abdomen (where you don.t want it to be really)
    LUSCS - lower uterine segment caesarean section (sometimes seen without the U )
    Mec - Meconium (babies early poo)
    Multip - Has 1 or more living child
    MSSU - mid stream specimen of urine
    NAD - Nothing abnormal detected
    N/Eng - Not engaged
    NNU - Neonatal unit
    NICU - Neonatal intensive care unit
    NPU - Not passed urine
    OC - Oral contraception
    OP - Occiput posterior
    OA - Occiput anterior
    Palp - Palpable i.e. what can be felt
    PIH - Pregnancy induced hypertension (high bp)
    PMH - Past medical history
    PPH - Post partum haemorrhage. Bleed after baby is born
    PR - Via rectum
    PU - Passed urine
    PV - Via vagina
    Primip - First pregnancy
    Reg - Registrar
    Rh - Rhesus
    SCBU - Special care baby unit
    SHO - Senior house officer
    SPD - symphisis pubis dysfunction i.e. loosening of cartilage at front of pubic bone (v. rough definition)
    TOS - Trial of scar
    Tr - Transverse ie Lying sideways
    U&E - Blood test checking urea and electrolyte levels
    USS - ultrasound scan
    VBAC - Vaginal birth after a caesarean section
    +ve - Positive
    -ve - Negative
    VE - Vaginal examination
    Vx - Vertex, used in relation to presenting part/position. Means head down


    AB - abortion; may see SAB (spontaneous) or TAB (therapeutic) or EAB (elective)
    AC - abdominal circumference (sono)
    AFI - amnionic fluid index (sono); normal = 5 to 20
    AGA - appropriate for gestational age

    BPD - biparietal diameter (sono)

    Chl - chlamydia, usually referring to gen probe
    Ctx - contractions
    CVAT - costovetebral angle tenderness, a symptom of pyelonephritis

    DM - diabetes mellitus, may see GDM (gestational)
    DR - delivery room

    EBL - estimated blood loss
    EDC - estimated date of confinement (due date)
    EFW - estimated fetal weight (sono)

    FBS - fasting blood sugar
    FFN - fetal fibronectin
    FH - fundal height
    FHT - fetal heart tones
    FOC - father of child
    FTG - Foley to gravity

    GA - gestational age
    GIFT - gamete intrafallopian transfer
    G#P# - gravida, para
    G - total # of pregnancies
    P - total # of delivered pregnancies
    T - total # of term deliveries (after 37 weeks)
    P - total # of preterm deliveries (20-36 weeks)
    A - total # of abortions/miscarriages (before 20 weeks)
    L - total # of living children
    * Note: for TPA twins count as one number, but for L they count as two

    HSG- hysterosalpingography
    HTN - hypertension, may see CHTN (chronic)
    HBsAg - Hepatitis B surface Antigen
    HGSIL - high grade squamous intraepithelial lesion

    IAL - in active labor; may see NIAL (not)
    ICSI - intracytoplasmic sperm injection
    IDC - indirect Coomb's test
    IUI- Intrauterine insemination
    IUP - intrauterine pregnancy; may see PTIUP (preterm), TIUP (term)
    IVDA - intravenous drug abuse
    IUFD - intrauterine fetal demise
    IUF-ET - in vitro fertilization with embryo transfer

    L/C/P - long, closed, posterior cervical exam when a woman is not in labor
    LGA - large for gestational age
    LGSIL - low grade squamous intraepithelial lesion
    LMP - last menstrual period (first day of)
    LTCS - low transverse cesarean section; refers to type of incision on the uterus and not the skin

    MGA - mean gestational age (sono)
    MI - menstrual index: age of pt at 1st period/cycle length/duration of period
    MLE - midline episiotomy, usually preceded by degree, e.g. 2° MLE
    MMR - measles, mumps, rubella vaccine; given to Rubella sensitive pts post-partum
    MSAFP - maternal serum alpha feto protein; prenatal test for Down's if increased for neural tube defects if decreased - screening test only

    NST - non-stress test; may see NST-NR (non-reactive) or NST-R (reactive)
    NTD - neural tube defect; e.g. meningomyelocele, spina bifida
    NMDC - no malignant or dysplastic cells; pap smear results

    OCP - oral contraceptive pill; also written BCP (birth control pill)

    PID - pelvic inflammatory disease
    PML - preterm (premature) labor
    PNV - prenatal vitamins
    POD# - post op day #
    PPD# - post partum day #

    ROM - rupture of membranes (broken bag of water); may see AROM (artificial), PROM (preterm = less than 37 weeks), SROM (spontaneous), PPROM (preterm, premature = 12 to 24 hours before labor starts)
    Rub - rubella, usually refers to the titer

    SGA - small for gestational age
    STD - sexually transmitted disease
    SVD - spontaneous vaginal delivery (no forceps or vacuum)

    TOL - trial of labor

    3VC - three-vessel cord

    VBAC - vaginal birth after c-section
    WBD - weeks by dates (by LMP)
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    Great thread Hun, thanks for sharing!
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    Thank You, I found the FHHR on my notes and wondered what it meant, luckily I had a abbreviation form from the hospital x
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    You're welcome!
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    what a fab thread much appreciated
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    fab thanks iv'e just been able to read my notes now :) x

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