Uterine Notching @ 20wk scan

Discussion in 'Pregnancy - Second Trimester' started by Breeelizabeth, Oct 10, 2022.

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    Hey guys, I guess I'm not really looking for much in the way of advice although if you have some I'd be grateful!!. It looks like the last time this was mentioned on BnB was like 8 years ago, so I guess if anything someone else might find it in future and get some info from it :)

    At my morphology scan about a month ago everything with baby went fine, he was perfect and sitting on the 52nd centile overall. However they noticed some notching on the left uterine artery and a higher than average pulsatility (>95%) and a very high pulsatility on the left side. Looking back at my 13 week scan results and it looks like it was also 98%centile then however wasn't noted as anything of importance.

    Google hasn't really been my friend here and is either telling me I am at a high risk for PreE and FGR or that it's nothing. The scan recommended I have a tertiary growth scan which is booked for 2 days time. Funnily enough I was already high risk for Pre-E and FGR based on my new onset high blood pressure, Low Papp-A etc. I spoke to my high risk OB last week and she said that it was an early sign the baby isn't getting enough blood flow and has requested I have monthly growth scans, preE and liver bloods and monthly to fortnightly follow ups with her.

    Has anyone had any experience in this?
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    Hi wow can’t believe how far you are.
    I have never heard of that but I hope everything turns out ok.

    unfortunately we are still ttc. After my miscarriage in June I just don’t seem to be falling pregnant. But have stated maca and coq10 and praying I will be pregnant with my sticky rainbow soon.

    congratulations on baby boy you must be so excited.
    Good luck and I really hope it all goes perfect
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    Hi ik so sorry for your news. I don't have any advice for you I just wanted to come say hi and support you if I can even for a vent. Xx

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