Very low LH levels?

Discussion in 'Trying To Conceive' started by ceejie, Jun 3, 2011.

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    I just had a bunch of blood work done a couple days ago and I am just reviewing the results.

    My LH level is 1.8 IU/L

    The reference ranges are:

    Prepubertal: <3.0 IU/L
    Follicle/Luteal: <13.0 IU/L
    Midcycle: 14.0 - 100 IU/L
    Postmenopausal: 15.0 - 65.0 IU/L

    I was on CD13 when the blood was drawn. I am mostly confused because I have PCOS, shouldn't my LH levels be higher? I know that blood levels aren't an accurate way to diagnose PCOS & levels can fluctuate, but with PCOS it's supposed to be high, and well it's not even really average...

    Does this mean I am probably having another anovulatory cycle?
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    Do you usually ovulate around now? I know with PCOS ovulation can happen later, and this is a normal level if you go by the guidelines, it just says less than 13 which can be any number really. So it probably just hasn't started to rise yet, and I would say if high Lh is a symptom of PCOS and you don't have it that maybe it's a GOOD thing and your body is trying to work itself out this cycle? Sorry not much help, just trying to spread a little PMA :)

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