Warm salad of Ham and Eggs

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    225g ciabatta bread
    1 tbsp olive oil
    4 slice of trimmed param ham ( but could use other ham boil or cooked ham)
    200g of salad leaves
    2 eggs

    1tbsp olive oil
    1tbsp of whit wine vinegar
    1/2 dijon mustard
    pinch of caster sugar

    pre heat other to 200c gas mark 6
    tear bread in to chunks place in roasting tin with olove oil roast for 5mins
    tear ham in to bite size pieces add to tray with bread roast for another 5mins only if this is param ham

    meanwhile poached ur eggs boil water and slowly crack eggs in to the water wait until cooked then add them in to a cold bowl of water for 5mins

    mix dressing together

    then toss bread leaves together then drizzle dressing over leaves them place poached eggs

    very nice

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