Was I having contractions?? A little long, but please read

Discussion in 'Pregnancy Club' started by oh_mami88, Sep 15, 2007.

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    When I miscarried in March, I had to stay overnight in the hospital to have a D&C in the morning. Well, I went to the hospital around 7 p.m., got news of my miscarriage around 12:30 am, and was in a hospital room by 2:00am.

    Well, at first, the gave me Stadol at 2 a.m through my I.V once I got in the room, this made me feel good, the cramping was moderate at this point. I didn't fall asleep till around 3:00am, cause my mom, and one of my friends came to see me in the hospital. Well at about 5:00 am, after two hours of sleep, I woke up to very bad pulsating pains, that were like coming from my back around to my front so I demanded more Stadol. They gave it to me, and it worked for like 10 minutes, I demand more, and they tell me that they can't give me more for another 3 hours. Damn! So I lie there in pain till about 8:00 am. At 8:00 am, on the dot, i hit the nurses button to get another dose of stadol, again it worked for about 5 minutes, then it went away. So I laid there in my hospital bed, tired, in the most pain I've ever been in ever, waiting my next dose, or my surgery, whichever came first. My friends were visiting me and I laid there in my hospital bed squirming in pain, trying to get off my back, cause the pains were hardcore coming from my back towards my abdomen and then they would stay for about a minute and go away, then about 3 minutes later they would come back. Then i felt this gush of fluids, that almost felt like pee, but that would be one strong stream, I looked under my blankets and there was red colored water soaking my gown and the bed sheets. I called for the nurse and then she came and said she would get me into surgery asap, well shes MIA for about 15 minutes, and the pains get worse.

    I start moaning in pain so loud, that someone runs in and asks if i'm ok. STUPID QUESTION!!! IM OBVIOUSLY NOT OKAY!! So she gets the surgeon ladies and they take me to the recovery room to talk to the anesthesiologist. While I'm talking to him, the pains get so bad, I can not breath nor talk. A nurse stands by me and guides me through with breathing, which I hadn't previously learned, cause I was only around 14 weeks. I asked what was happening and they said they thought I was having contractions. By the time I was with the anesthesiologist, they were coming about 1 minute apart, and I could barely catch my breath in between. I just kept telling them I wanted to be put to sleep so the pain would stop.

    After that, I went into surgery, and came out in recovery with pains that were so much less than before!

    Is what I described contractions like you would have during labor. The nurses said thats what they most likely were, and if I have already gone through them once, I would be willing to go completely natural for this baby. Ok, maybe not all the way natural, but no epidural.

    Did I experience contractions?
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    will be different at full term hun.
    Prob slightly similar but not as intense

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