Weight at 38 weeks?

Discussion in 'Pregnancy - Third Trimester' started by redstiletto, Nov 15, 2011.

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    Nov 2, 2011
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    Any 2nd-time here Moms delivered at 38 weeks? If so, how much did your baby weigh? MIL keeps telling me I'll deliver this week because hubby and my SIL were 2 weeks early (LOL..like that matters) and they were both 8 lbs. My son can come whenever he wants to but just in case, your feedback is appreciated :flower:
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    i didnt but my SIL did and her LO was only 6 lbs. But my sis was born at 36 and was 6 almost 7 lbs. I think it really depends on your LO
  3. JackiePed

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    I delivered at 37 weeks with dd and she was 7-11, and I delivered at 38 weeks with ds and he was 9-6

    HA! Sounds big... but really he was easy to deliver. Way easier than my 7 lber, so I don't think weight/size has too much to do with everything.

    Plus dd was born with fewer 'issues' than ds, even though she was the 'smaller'/earlier one. Ds, though 38 weeks and 9-6, had mild breathing issues (still does to this day) and had to be on oxygen for about 4 hrs...

    So what I'm saying is.. don't stress about baby's size. Big baby doesn't mean tough delivery, and small(er) baby doesn't mean health problems. Tough deliveries or health problems are totally luck of the draw.

    And so is weight of baby ;)

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