Weird Cycles after stopping Levlen ed.. anyone else?

Discussion in 'Trying To Conceive' started by MrsDocMiles, Feb 18, 2021.

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    Hi Ladies,

    I had one weird cycle just recently. Ive been off Levlen Ed since May 2020. My cycles have been as follows:

    June - 28 days
    July - 28 days
    August - 29 days
    Sept - 25 days
    Oct - 30 days
    Nov- 36 days (i was extremely stressed this cycle)
    Dec - 33 days
    Feb - 55 day cycle between end of December and Feb!

    With my last cycle, I decided to track or temp. I had spotting on expected AF day and got so excited. I tested, faint bfp the next day and was over the moon. Tested two days later negative. Then got bloods done a week later negative. I went to the doctors as I thought maybe it was an ectopic pregnancy/chemical pregnancy and he suggested I get bloods done this week. Yesterday I woke up and AF arrived, 25 days late. I will say I've lost alot of weight since Dec (15 kgs) and the dr and I are thinking that may have been the cause of it. However my weight has gone up and down for years and I have never skipped a period in my life. I have now booked a fertility appointment to check my hormone levels as I am worried they aren't where they should be. I am doing this before I try things like vitex.

    Anyone else had a similar experience? I should say I am TTC #1, 31 years old. My partner also works FIFO so we have a bit against us... however I am remaining positive.

    Lots of Baby Dust to you all x

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