weird cycles, grrr!

Discussion in 'Your Health & Wellbeing' started by ellaandcallum, Nov 13, 2011.

  1. I had Macy 13 months ago, cycles been abit all over the place since, I have really long ones 38 days. These last two months bang on ovulation time I have been experiencing cramps and small amount of bleeding, do you think its do with ovulation or a hormone imbalance. I am on no contraception as DH had the snip lol! Last month my boobs killed for 2 weeks before I came on, what with the spotting, the eating etc I even did a bloomin HPT test as you just never know, obviously neg, came on 29 Sept, now bleeding again yesterday, ever so so slight more pinky brown but today there was a lot of dark red but now eased off and turned brown, think I may go to the docs, any advice welcome. Thanks x
  2. You know what this site upset me sometimes, alot of read and runners. 28 views and not one opionion or a snippet of advice but nevermind.
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    hi lovely just wanted to say hi i would def get it checked out doesnt sound like a normal period. i take it OH had the 2 all clears that no sperm? hope you get some answer from the doctors hope all is well not long till xmas again lily is 1 on tuesday cant believe how fast macy and lily 1st year has gone x
  4. OMG HI :happydance::happydance::happydance::happydance::happydance: Long time no speak. Doc thinks it could be ovulation bleed, apperently that means high fertility bit late for that lol. Kev has had two clear samples back, I had a 38 day cycle this month. She wants to examine me but I have a feeling I have a hormone imbalance, my hair keeps falling out, nails brittle etc etc, severe headaches. My mum has firbromyalga and ME and I am wondering if perhaps I am getting it?? I wake up in the mornings can barely walk for 5 to ten mins. Somethings not right with me at the moment.

    As for my Macy, shes been woofing at Pudsey today lol, she is walking, running climbing into everything lol. This year has flown by, cant believe Lily is one its ridiculous, any plans for anymore hun? I wish now DH hadnt had the snip but I couldnt see him agreeing anyway, seemed a good idea at the time I suppose 3 is enough lol.

    I did so think I was pregnant last month even did a bloody test, a little disappointed to see a BFN, silly I know I just guess my maternal yearnings will never go lol xx I know DH had clear samples but you hear of stories lol. It got me wondering, the first month I thought it was implantation bleed silly me lol. Nice to catch up I dont know what happened to the other ladies, do you? xx

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