What are they doing in there?!


ICSI Twins + miracle BFP
Aug 31, 2006
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I swear they have taken up semaphore now. The last few weeks it's been hand bikes and kung foo, but last night it had definitely moved up a gear. It's either semaphore or star jumps! :shock: Almost frightening amounts of wriggling and sticking of bits out and still going on today.

Just 9 days to go now.... so onto single figures...but seriously ready to have a calm stomach again. I feel black and blue! :rofl:
Wow 9 days!!!!!
It will take ages to get used to a calm stomach again, for ages after having Jack i used to lay on the sofa with my hands on my belly!! LOL
:headspin: Not long now hun! How exciting!:headspin:
hi helen glad to hear the twins are doing well i know what you mean about the movements (lol) tuesday night i was looking for a bouncer and i thought my waters or something was gonna come out baby was really pushing down and i mean really pushing down it was quite painful i thought it would have started something off but NO still here due on sunday and getting really peed off got hospital 2moro so if i dont go by sunday i will know when to go in to be induced so probably looking at 13th - 15th of june but im gonna lay it on really thick and say ive seriously had enough my skin is really itchy i feel like scratching it to shreds my feet are sweeling big time so she might say before i hope so as my consultant is really nice but im not banking on it good luck on the birth chat soon spunky xxxxx:hugs:
Funny that, my bubs has started doing star jumps I'm sure lol. My bump keeps bouncing out like it's partying.

Suppose they're running out of room and arms and legs are getting in each others way aww so cute :hugs:

Not long now...

8 days :happydance:

Counting with you Helen - Its my 12 week scan then lol
awww helen u shud video ur tum!!! wud b nce 2 look back on :D
8 days to go now! You must be so excited!!! Hope it all goes smoothly!!
8 days how exciting hard to think you will have your beautiful babies by next weekend.

Stacey xxxxx
i know i keep saying it but i just cant belive how fast your pregnancy has flown!

I want to see pictures of your little babies when i get back from the festival! lol

so helen, wot sexes u reckon now? any final takers on weights :rofl:
Really don't know on the sexes. Would love one of each but suspect it's probably two the same....two boys if I had to guess (I'm always wrong at this stuff!). Really want to know now!!

Will be back at hospital on Tuesday for final scan before the big day and they'll do the weights then. Hoping they're growing well in this last couple of weeks and we can get them both comfortably into the 5lb+ range. If they're both over 5lb, we'll be thrilled.
lol so both ur twinnies will b 1 callum :rofl: im still unsure of teh sex im whithereing over 2 boys or 1 of each ! :D
I think 2 girlies. Do u have names picked Helen?
We have lists of names of both sexes, but we haven't decided on any yet. Depends what they look like.
Hey Helen,

Sorry haven't been around for ages as have been rather busy with Lara.. cannot believe your time is almost here.. so thrilled and excited for you all!

I would crap myself if I only had 9 days to go. Are you excited, scared, anxious? or all of the above?
It must be so frustrating just waiting for it to happen- lets hope you're not in a supermarket when your waters break. That worries me. I think you'll have 2 of the same. x
wow helen so close now !

Im tempted to say 2 boys now as your bump is very neat and all out front?
I say a boy and girl

Your doing really well hun, i would have got in bed 2 weeks ago and refused to move!! :rofl:

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