What Did You All Get For Mothers Day?


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Sep 1, 2006
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I got a bouquet of flowers and an ipod nano! I was cheesin'!:happydance: :headspin:

Waiting on my fry up getting made.xxx

So what u all doing/getting?:hi:

Oh and Happy Mothers Day to everyone be it if you are a mummy to kids or pets xx
I got two cards, one Serenmade and some jewallery. But best of all was the biss snotty kiss at seven in the morning (Seren doesn't like giving kisses but this morning she was in a kissy mood). The fact that she then clamboured over me so she could give daddy a kiss and a love is neither here nor there. Plus the sun is shining so we are going out for the day with MIL :)
Aww that kiss will mean more than anything xxx:hugs:
I got Choccies and a lovely handmade card and cookie from Emily
In the card she wrote a poem

Mum you look like you have
been to the salon everyday
Your hair is blonde and brown
but you have dyed your hair so many times
I don't know what coulour it was before
You go on the computer Day and night
but i do not mind
I love you I love you I love you
Lots of love Emsy

to tell the truth dunno if should be flattered or insulted :rofl:
Bless her at least she knows me inside out
Aww Jo bless her cotton socks :rofl:

Poems like that are the best though .. shows she did it herself and put her own thoughts into it ... think you should be flattered. :D
haha that poem is ace Jo.

I have just got a cookie made by Seren with I love mummy on. She made t at nanny's house and her icing is very neat ;)

I got a pic of my two little bubbas, a bunch of roses and a couple of books (Kathy Reichs and James Patterson). Matt's out in the kitchen preparing a nice roast and it's all very chilled out home here.

Happy Mothers Day!
i bought myself a top yesterday so told kris it was my mothers day present lol
and today i got my oven cleaned by kris and my kitchen is now spot less and i got some chocolates.
and here is Harley in the top for my mothers day
aww terrie :hugs:

harley looks cute :baby:
a teddy from Charlie, a candle from Ethan and a pot plant from Jase.

And to cards that they made in school :)

i got a card and a box of 18 craft scissors, ones that give you all the different edgings its got a stand too. (makes up for my nothing last year)
I got champagne, roses and chocolates from OH, a little book about mothers from my mum and best of all a letter arrived in the post yesterday from Jonny all written by him it said
Mummy, I love you because you love me, from Jonny xxxx. Even the envelope was written by him it must have taken ages for him, Bless!
Igot a card and a box of cadbury's roses and a box of cadbury's flake im going to a heffa lump by the time ive eaten them :rofl:
I got some flowers and a teddy with mum on (he only got me this so he can have it) and a jumper!
Best bit was my card that he had made me at school and with daddy on sat.
I got a card from maddie with :

That's you being all gordon ramsey in the kitchen (with out all the swearing - pmsl yeah right)

Thats you keeping everything spick and span

Your good at some many things ...

But best of all being my mum ....

I'll look after you mummy love madeleine

Bless twas soo nice, and i got a CD i wanted ... didn't want alot cause it my birthday thursday!

I got a card and a eeyore teddy that says mums hugs are best, and we WERE going out for a meal but thats another story!

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