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What have your elves been up to?

Yesterday she was wearing a custom sweater from the girls' dance studio with a disco ball and confetti. Today she's having a pom pom snowball fight with a gingerbread man.
Today he was just reading a fairytale book. For tomorrow he prepped painting supplies with some Christmas scene printouts and of course he got tangled in the tape hehe
5th made a shopping list of different sweets
6th used the kids toothbrushes as 'bum brushes'
7th the milk went bad (drew a mean face on it with Sharpie) and tied the elves up in the fridge
8th drew on the bananas to look like pikachu and the elf was holding some Pokémon cards
9th put on DD2's makeup
Hanging from the clothes airer/maiden/airing horse (whatever you want to call it haha)
In the boys "first Christmas" stockings because Reuben told me today they might go in them tonight
10th stuck down the gap in the couch cushions with a pile of change that he'd found.
11th covered the fridge in tiny post it's.

Hiding in the lampshade with his bum sticking out. He's not been spotted yet!
Yesterday he brought some Xmas themed colouring books (in which he coloured each reindeer's nose red) and today he had a cottonball snowfight with a toiletpaper snowman. Screenshot_20231210_232715_Gallery.jpg
She put the kids Crocs at the bottom of the tree with a sign reading "croc-in" around the Christmas tree
Made a shoe train through the living/diningroom.

I forgot and went to bed, but luckily John noticed when he got up this morning and they and in the puzzle box burying one of them on puzzle pieces as if it's sand at the beach
Today they were in Xmas tree costumes (from another toy) hiding in amongst some other elf toys we have.

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