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what is going on?


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Aug 28, 2008
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I posted a thread explaining that i was due af last sat just gone, still waiting, been having abdominal cramps for 4 days and feeling poorly. So ive hung on and decided to go to doctor this morn. He basically said there is nothing I can do but wait. Im not uptight or stressed so there is no reason my period would be late; normally 26-28 cycle. I took test on Sun and it was negative. Any ideas ladies? xxx
Hi there, ive been a week late before and I knew I ovulated at the right time too, so I knew that something was going on, but I kept getting :bfn:. Sometimes the fertislised egg doesn't attach so this could be a reason why, apparantly its as high as 75%! But on the other hand you could still be preggers but not enough hcg showing yet, its a waiting game im afraid :hugs:
Sorry hun that your in this situation! i had the same problem that month. i was a week late, felt pregnant and had bfns. I ended up getting my period and was than happy it came! just TRY to stay calm and hopefully your just preggers and the hcg is too low! you should have asked for a blood test hun?....

WEll good luck sweeite i hope its your bfp and if not hope af gets here soon so you can ttc this cycle!
I'm sorry to hear your feeling ill. :hugs: Sometimes AF is just late, there doesn't necessarily have to be a reason for it. Or maybe you're a little off with where you are in your cycle so that could either delay your period or maybe you're pregnant and little bean has just implanted and hasn't release sufficient amounts of hcg to be detected. Test again tomorrow morning if the :witch: hasn't arrived.

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