What is the meaning of your babys name?

Discussion in 'Baby Names' started by polo_princess, Jul 7, 2009.

  1. polo_princess

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    For mums and those who are pregnant and have already chosen their names

    What is the meaning of their name?

    Brooke - A brook or little stream
  2. FierceAngel

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    from wiki

    Luisa is a female name of German origin (from Hlodowig) which means "glorious warrior". Luisa is the Italian form of the French "Louise"
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    Maddilynne - our spelling of Madeline is pronounced MAD-a-linn. It is of Hebrew origin, and its meaning is "woman from Magdala"
  4. Aidan's Mummy

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    Aidan is an Irish given name, a diminutive of Aodh and usually translated into English as "little fire" or similar
  5. JennTheMomma

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    Hunter- English- Hunter
  6. Pyrrhic

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    Niamh is the name of an Celtic Goddess, and it means Radiant Beauty.

    The name Niamh comes from a well known Irish folk story......

    Long ago, on an isle of emerald green, surrounded by a sea of azure blue, there lived a young man named Oisin.

    Oisin liked to explore the moors with the Fianna, ancient warrior-hunters.

    One day, when Oisin and the Fianna were out hunting, they saw an extraordinary sight. It was a beautiful young woman with long red hair, riding on a spirited white mare. The sun glistened off the maiden's hair, casting a magical golden light.

    The mare's movements were so fluid that she appeared to float across the ground. As her rider brought her to a stop before the group, the horse's hooves struck at the field stones impatiently, sending small sparks into the air.

    "My name is Niamh," the woman said, in a voice that sounded like the music of a harp. "My father is the king of Tir Na Nog."

    Oisin stepped forward from the group of hunters to welcome the rider. As his eyes met Niamh's, they fell in love.

    "Come with me to Tir Na Nog," Niamh pleaded to her new found love. After only a moment's hesitation, Oisin swung up behind Niamh onto the white horse.

    Together, they crossed the sea to Tir Na Nog.

    Having grown up on the Emerald Isle, Oisin would never have believed that a more beautiful land existed. But, as he gazed upon Tir Na Nog, he was stunned by the beauty around him.

    In this magical land, Niamh and Oisin built a life together. They spent each day exploring Tir Na Nog with the white mare. Niamh and Oisin's love grew deeper as Niamh shared the beauty of her enchanted homeland.

    300 years passed as though it were but a single day. No one in Tir Na Nog ever grew old or fell sick. They lived in endless, youthful moments filled with happiness.

    In spite of the beauty of the land and the deep love that Niamh and Oisin shared for each other, a small part of Oisin's soul knew loneliness.

    Such feelings were unheard of in Tir Na Nog. But in spite of her efforts, Niamh was unable to ease Oisin's loneliness.

    So, when Oisin came to Niamh and told her of his desire to return to Ireland to see his family and the Fianna again, she could not hold him back.

    "All right," said Niamh. "Return to Ireland on the back of the white mare. But my dear, your foot must not touch the soil of Ireland!"

    Immediately Oisin rode the white horse back across the sea to the land of his birth.

    But, as soon as the mare's hooves touched Ireland's soil, Oisin realized how much the land had changed. Oisin's family and friends had long passed away. Their grand castle was over grown with ivy.

    Oisin was so caught up in his quest to find his family and his grief at their loss, that he forgot to care for the beautiful white horse. In spite of her hunger and fatigue she continued to respond to her rider.

    Finally, with a sad heart, Oisin turned the mare back toward the sea to return to Tir Na Nog.

    Approaching the sea, he came upon a group of men working in a field. As the mare reached the group, her fatigue caused her to stumble. Her hoof hit a stone. Oisin bent down to pick up the rock, planning to take it to Tir Na Nog. He was sure that it would ease his sadness to carry a piece of Ireland back with him.

    But as his hand grasped the stone, Oisin lost his balance and fell to the ground.

    Within moments, Oisin aged 300 years.

    Without her rider, the mare reared up and rushed into the ocean, returning to Tir Na Nog and her beloved Niamh.

    When the men in the field witnessed this, they were amazed. Not only had they seen a young man age before their eyes, they had also seen a tired old plow horse transformed into a beautiful silver-white mare, who raced into the sea.

    The men went to Oisin's aid and carried him to St. Patrick.

    When Oisin met St. Patrick, he told Patrick of the his family and the Fianna, who had disappeared from Ireland almost 300 years before. Then he told St. Patrick of Niamh and the magical land of Tir Na Nog.

    As Oisin ended his story, a great weariness swept over him and he closed his eyes in eternal slumber.

    Even to this day, the fishermen and lighthouse keepers still tell of foggy nights when the moon is full, and they see a shimmering white horse dancing in the waves along the shores of Ireland. Some say that the red-haired maiden who rides the horse still searches for Oisin.
  7. Laura--x

    Laura--x Guest

    I just checked and maisie actually doesnt have a meaning!
  8. Nikkinoonoo

    Nikkinoonoo Mummy to a gorgeous girl

    Dec 9, 2007
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    The name Jessica is a baby girl name. The name Jessica comes from the Hebrew origin. In Hebrew The meaning of the name Jessica is: Rich. God beholds

    The Meaning of the name Jessica
    The meaning of the name Jessica is as follows: Woman of Wealth

    Meaning: The Hebrew name Jessica means - wealthy

    The meaning of the name Jessica is God Beholds
  9. baby.love

    baby.love Guest

    My daughter Ella: Light
    My son Ethan: Strong One
    My daughter (bump) Freya: Goddess Of Love
  10. AppleBlossom

    AppleBlossom Guest

    Grace-From the English word grace, which ultimately derives from Latin gratia

    Obviously lol
  11. Panda_Ally

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    Jan 31, 2009
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    Holly - Like a bush which spiky leaves and red berries usually assosiated with xmas!!
  12. Tasha

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    Morgan means bright sea, sea born or lives by the sea. His second name William means helmet or protection.

    My daughters name is Naomi-Mae. Naomi means pleasant/delightful. Mae means the month of may.

    Honey means as sweet as Honey.

    Kaysie means alert or brave. Her second name Blossom means flower like.
  13. jms895

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    Caine - spelt the Irish way..... means son of a fighter :D
  14. Tabs

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    Nov 22, 2007
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    Morgan = Bright Sea/sea-born

    Found this interesting though:

    From the Old Welsh masculine name Morcant, which is derived from Welsh mor (sea) or mawr (great), and can (bright, white) or cant (circle, completion).
    This name is common as a surname in both Wales and Ireland and is becoming increasingly popular as a given name.

    The use of Morgan as a female name comes from the confusion between several names. The Arthurian figure Morgan Le Fay was in fact never called Morgan but Morgain.
    Geoffrey of Monmouth, historical writer in the 12th century, used the name of "Morgen Le Fay" for his character of the legendary sorceress. Morgen is an Old Welsh male name, variant of the Old Irish Muirgen (now Muirín) probably meaning "sea-born".
    The French later used Morgain, which in turn was assimilated to Morgan.
    Morgan Le Fay is now the common English name of the Arthurian figure.

    There have also been attempts by some modern authors of fiction to link the Arthurian character Morgan le Fay with the Morrígan, the Irish goddess of war and death, derived from Irish Mhór Rioghain meaning "great queen"; thus wrongly relating the name Morgan to Morrigan.
  15. Laura22

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    Mariah - Star of the sea. Derived from Mary.
  16. xJG30

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    Feb 22, 2008
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    Thomas is a common given name for males. It originated from the Aramaic language designation &#1514;&#1493;&#1501; or Tôm. The meaning of the name is "twin," and in the New Testament the designation was applied to Judas Thomas, the second Judas of the Apostles, hence the meaning "twin".
  17. Vickie

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    Hannah means grace or favour
  18. mernie

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    Jun 22, 2008
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    Brianna means High Noble or Exalted and Strong :happydance:

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