Whats on the dinner table this evening!


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Aug 31, 2006
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I use to love the Fridays you religiously got a take-away!!

Think I'm going for the deep fat fryer chips & some fried stuffed mushrooms (mushrooms filled with philidelphia & rolle din bread crumbs mmm) ...

OR my OH said we MIGHT go out for some food :p We will see!
Our take-out night is sunday lol
But not this week as me and Em had chinese on wednesday

Tonight i think it will be Lamb ,mint and rosmary grillsteaks with Mash and whatever veggies i can find :)
Mmmm sounds nice some of me fancys steak! Might get that if we go out or gammon it's well nice there!
OH is at work till 10, i dunno what ill have tonight. what shall i have? :lol:
Prawn Curry with Nann bread, and FOR DD Waffles and hot dog sausages :D
right thats it ive made my mind up chinese it is! yum yum! chicken fried rice chips an curry sauce! lol not too chinesey though!
im going to my best friends to have her hubby cook me chicken curry, rice and naan bread AND onion bajis!!!!!!!!!!!!!

also gonna stay there since dp is goin out on the piss haha
Had Pumpkin Soup at mums, with potato wedges to pick at.
G doesn't like pumpkin soup so he had sausages & potato wedges and spaghetti hoops.

I have been craving Fried Cheese Wontons. So i might have to get some. But I really dont want chineese. Just wontons. Dont know what else to have tonight for dinner. Tired of cooking.
Chinees It is.

But I got my Fried Cheese Won Tons! :wink:
Making Christmas Pie today. Basically chicken pie with cranberries and chestnuts. Yum, yum!
I don't know what we'll have... got to go to a wedding reception tonight..
Really don't want to go... but have to! grrrr! (mum doesn't want to go on her own!)
So i'll probably be having buffet food! lol!

yumy! can i have some?

Yes if you make it yourself! I have posted the recipe up. Ours is done and smells yummy! :D
ooh cool, thanks!

We decided on cottage pie for tonight, had some mince that needed using up.

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