What's your Jordan Peter name?


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Dec 21, 2006
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As you know, they have called their baby Princess Tiaammi. The name is a combination of Peter's mother's name (Thea) and Jordan's mother's name (Amy.)

So, what's your Peter Jordan name?

Mine's either Princess Lenbeth or Princess Elizna! (grandmothers Lenna and Elizabeth)
Charlie's are either Prince Bryvid or Prince Davan (grandads Bryan and David)
But Kayleigh's are the best.....
Either Princess Chrisry or Princess Marine!! (grandmothers Christine and Mary)

They's asked this question on our local radio Leicester Sound this morning and asked you to text in with them. I tested Princess Marine for Kayleigh, and the DJ rang me back and got me on air!!! They recorded it and played it 2 mins after, so I had to wake Kayleigh up to listen. She was not amused!:rofl:
Seren would be Princess Mangie....cooh and there was me struggling with a name for this baby.
chloe wud be, manjay( mandy an jayne) an i dunno wot callums wud be as i dont know darrens dads name :blush: (he hasnt spoke to him in about 10 years)
Amy would be called princess Wentine (Wendy and Christine)
Mine would be Caroltine or Chrisoline (Caroline and Christine)

Boy would be Daven or Stevid (steven and david)
Maddie would be Princess LynLyn pmsl
Eleanor would be Princess LynJea or JeaLyn

Werid lol

Frankie would be Princess PenKar (penny and karen)
Lewis would be Prince PetFra (peter and Frank)
Jonny would be Prince Clan or Alive (Clive and Alan)
Frankie would be Caronne or Yvoline (Caroline and Yvonne)

I like Princess LynLyn Imi
Mine would be Christdor (Christine / Doreen)
Rebecca would be Princess Katmar -My mum is Kate, Dale's is Margaret!

I wouldnt do it as I am not a fan of Dales mum :rofl:
:rofl::rofl::rofl:Funny Sh*t

Mine would be Princess OLDY

:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl: for Sandy and Olga
Kassidy would be Boncy (Bonnie and Nancy) lol
Bailey would be German LOL (Gerald and Norman)
haha mine would be princess Denhaz hahahahahaha!!!
Denise is my mom and hazel is hubbys mom xxxxxxx
Kais would be petbri lol pete my dad brian DH's dad
Girl would be junann mum june DH anne!

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