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Whos suffering from the 'sad' and 'depressed' hormone of pregnancy at the mo?


Proud mum to baby Nick
Jan 12, 2007
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It's AWFUL.:cry:
Im sat at my computer sobbing.... Once you start crying, you begin thinking about everything else and it just adds to the sadness of it all.
I hear this is normal during pregnancy which is why Im asking who else is going through this at the moment?:cry:
pregnancy is a happy time...enjoy it coz when baby here all you will get is screaming,poo and no sleep
I'm with bex. Try and enjoy it hun, 'cos when lo arrives, its sleepless nights, poo (and lots of it), and crying.:happydance:
i went through it a lot when i was pg... it will pass i promise
It wouldn't say that I've been sad and depressed, but I do cry at the weirdest things.... Muppet's Xmas Carol probably being the most embarrasing one! :blush: :rofl:

Sometimes something on the news or radio will have me filling up. Steve Wright's Sunday Love Songs pretty much has me in floods with all the love and romance.

You just have to have a good laugh at yourself and recognise it for what it is...hormonal lunacy! :wacko:
I cried at Lala today ...

she went into her forward facing car seat today for the first time...

Duno what made me cry more, her looking so cute or the price of the bloody thing!

I was like that last week - felt like crap so went home from work early and had a damn good cry for no reason at all. It's all just hormones I'm afraid. Don't worry, it'll all clear up once the sprog grows up and leaves home :bike:
Ive been a stress head lately and not a nice person to live with. Flying off the handle big time, dont know why but feeling anxious and stressed all the time.

Had to come home early was in BHS and I just couldnt stop crying.

Got a lot on my plate at the mo, so thats why Im psycho!lol

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