Why are my temps dropping?


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Sep 13, 2008
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If you saw my other post, you'll see that I've been getting positive OPKs for 4 days now. I haven't tested today yet but will in a few hours. But why is my temp dropping? You can click on my ticker to see my FF chart. This is my first month doing the BBT thing, so I'm still a little confused at what this could mean. I thought your temperature was supposed to spike during and after ovulation?
Just keep watching your temps and make sure you are taking them when you first wake up and at the same time. It takes a few months to figure out your body's temp cycle. Everyone is different. My temps usually stay around 97.5 then jump to 97.9 when I ovulate. This month I am all over the place and do not know if it is because of coming off BCP or because my body has changed in the past almost three years and having a child. Just relax and wait it out for the first month, take it as a trial run with no expectations until you know when to BD and you know your O CD and you LP. Good luck it is worth it to wait it out, you will know when you will start AF the morning your temps drop back down from being high for awhile (at least my body gives me fair warning)
I agree. Although I don't temp, I've read alot about it and learned alot from the ladies here.

Good Luck!
Thanks! This is actually my 2nd cycle of TTC- just the first one in which I've been temping. I do take my temps at the same time every single morning. However, I just realized that I took my temp before getting out of bed today and yesterday, when usually I get out of bed to shut my 2nd alarm off before taking my temp- during the school week, I use 2 alarm clocks. I wonder if staying in bed has caused my temperature to drop about half a degree? I guess we'll see tomorrow!
You are supposed to wake up, reach over to where you keep you thermometer, while still laying down take your temp. That is the ideal way. I have taken my temp for year and thought I knew my body but I am reallt confused with my own temps this month. Good luck and just keep documenting them and then look at your cycle as a whole to understand it.

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