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    Hi girls!

    For those who dont know me, I am TTC my 1st baby with my fiance...we have been together just over a year now but this month is the first I have been using the OPK's.

    My question is, have we BD-d at the right time??? I have a 33 day cycle and tested positive around CD16 if I remember rightly. It was a very strong positive on a First Response OPK and we BD-d that morning and I lay there with my knees up for a while!!! The only trouble is that it was the only time we had :sex: as my OH has a low sex drive and he works shifts too....
    The next day or 2 though, I was still getting very EWCM very stretchy, even stretchier than CD16....but I was wondering if that matters as it must take some time for the CM to reach your pants?? :blush:

    I am worried we did not catch the egg!! Has anyone else gone on to have a :bfp: from just the one time???? At least we did it when I was fertile....!

    I am so hoping for a christmas eve :bfp:....it would be a dream come true for me!!! I am 4DPO and really no symptoms except a bit tired and lotion CM with a high CP which also feels "wet". I also this afternoon had some more stretchy clear EWCM!!!!! Is this normal???

    Please advise!! Thanks girls xxx :kiss:
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    Hey cdj1! I didn't want to read and run. I think once can definitely be enuf sometimes!! Think of all those accidents! Sounds like it was definitely at the right time too with ur opk and cm. It takes a while for the sperm to travel to the right place to wait for the egg so if you ov day 17 or 18 it would have had time to get there. Also sperm can live for a couple of days and morning BD is supposed to have highest sperm count! Fingers crossed this was ur lucky month! I am also testing christmas eve (all going well). I so want to give OH a brilliant present!

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