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Discussion in 'Baby Club' started by broodyhen, Oct 11, 2013.

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    Today was my first day back at work and the longest I've spent away from LO who is 13 months old. He is still breast fed and often refuses meals in favour of the breast. We are seeing the dietician but I'm pretty sure that the regular breastfeeds are effecting his appetite. Last night I stressed the importance of giving my son plenty to eat and drink as it was the longest time he'd been apart from me. I thought it would do him good to feel hungry and eat proper food while I'm not there. I suggested OH give him his dinner and tea early so he would have them before I got home because as soon as he sees me he wants milk! OH was very dismissive about my suggestions and seemed offended that I try to tell how to look after our son. I said please just offer him plenty to eat n drink n he said yeah yeah yeah. So I called to let him know I was leaving work n thought at least things would be sorted for when I got home. In fact LO had not been given his tea because OH had been 'busy' doing other things. So that I could forgive even though I really wanted him to have tea before I got home. The worst part is what he gave him for dinner... a tiny ellas kitchen flapjack thing and some left over baby crisps! I was so angry. Why is this acceptable. He said LO has been fine and I'm over reacting but I clearly told him how important food was to me. I can't discuss it with him because he things I get stressed to easy. Would you be angry?
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    Yeah I would be pissed off because at 13 months you want to devolp good healthy eating habits and routine breakfast,snack,lunch,snack, dinner .. something in those lines.

    I've caught my OH giving our LO a cookie before her breakfast so she would sit still in her highchair and not whine..

    I had to have a talk with him because its un-acceptable.

    make her breakfast while she is playing that way she isn't impatient waiting for you to make her something and NO COOKIES BEFORE breakfast.

    I think in his mind its the easy way out but it cant always be like that.
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    James would be in the firing line for not respecting my opinion. He's copped it before, and it'll probably happen again lol
    I don't think it was fair of him to just fluff off your suggesgion/request. Did he at all notice that he reacted badly to what he thought was 'you telling hin how to raise his son' and eneded up proving why you had to press the subject? Or is the irony lost on him?
    I think you're right to be upset. I hope he can see that he's upset you, and not that youre just being stressy :hugs:

    ETA: I have no thoughts on the actual food as we're nowhere near solids :)

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