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Discussion in 'Waiting To Try' started by mrs_park, Apr 4, 2011.

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    If I had my way we'd be TTC now or very soon but due to DS being by emergency c section, I have to wait 12 months til we can TTC!

    I can't wait to be pregnant again and can't wait for Isaac to be a big brother! I have always wanted to have our kids close in age, I thi k it would be lovely for them to all grow up together

    Anyone else in the same boat?
  2. I was in the same boat. My dd was born by emergency c section and I was told to wait 6 months by my doctor and consultant. By the time my dd was 3 months old I was dying to try again but we decided to wait until she'll be 10 months old (next month, woohoo!).

    We also would like our children to have close age gaps and grow up close together.

    I totally know how you feel though, but give it a couple of months when your lo starts becoming more active and the time will just fly by. I start back at work tomorrow and I just don't know where the last year has gone!

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    Please can I ask a question about you going back to work? I also would love to have children close in age but I don't know how my maternity pay would work out (i'm in the public sector). What happens if you get pregnant before you go back, resulting in you only being back at work 8 months before going off on ML again? Are you entitled to exactly the same maternity leave a your 1st child?
  4. Hiya Blaire, I also work in the public sector and had that very same thought. There was a time we had an accident and wondered what would happen if I fell pregnant before returning to work. I got in touch with my HR department and they said I would be entitled to smp, and my contractual pay as although I'd been on maternity leave I'm still classed as employed. I guess it's the same for all public sector jobs, not sure though.
    Hopefully I won't have been back long before I fall pregnant again!

    Good luck when your time comes. You should have a word with your own HR department or ask to see your companies maternity policy. When I started my job it was the first thing I looked up on our internal website!


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