Xmas help for us all, a.ka. Minxys thread :)


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Sep 1, 2006
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Originally posted by Minxy :D Here's a challenge...need help with chrimbo shopping.

Find me a present for my friend.

Martin is 30, with two young daughters and a brand new son. He's 30, a teacher, who doesn't drink or smoke. he's not a huge footie fan, but likes music and film and has a quirky sense of humour. He's my mate's husband and the budget is up to £10.

Ebay suggestions please!

How about this?
T shirt

What kind of music and films does he like??
OMG, that's perfect! Apart from I should've mentioned he's tiny, so I'll get him a small.

You really are the most helpful person on the net Jo, you should rent yourself out! (as it were, snigger :wink: )

BTW, he's a boy film nerd, superhero's and stuff, but it doesn't matter now.

If I get stuck on anyone else, I'm letting you know! :D Thanks xxxx
Hey better not let OH see you put that he'll be pimping me lol :D

I'm so good at helping other people but i have a list here as long as my arm and am tottaly stumped for what to get :?

Happy to help anytime hun
Also happy to return the favour if I can. This could be a useful thread for all of us to help shop for the difficult people on our lists? Maybe you could change the title?

(Not that I don't LOVE having a thread named after me! :lol:)
Minxy said:
You really are the most helpful person on the net Jo, you should rent yourself out! (as it were, snigger :wink: )


No promoting here please!!! :shock: :lol:
Oh i can't post a price list then Wobbs???

:rofl: :rofl:
Ok girlies i need your help
I need to buy a face pampering kit for a teenage girl
Lotions and cleansers and stuff

Can't find owt in boots book but haven't looked online yet any ideas will be gratefully received

Cheers girls x
How old is she? Has she got teenage (a bit greasy) skin?

If you're not sure, go sensitive. Clinique is very popular with teens


Or I'd go to Body shop and get them to put a regime together. Aloe vera for sensitive or tea tree for troubled skin. That'd be about £15-£20.

Did you have a budget?
Aww thats a nice set but don't have cash til next week :?

Thought about body shop, just collecting ideas at the min
She is 13, just txt her mum for skin type lol

Seen loads of body gift sets, bloody typical :)
Ok her skin type is normal to greasy

keep getting interuppted whilst looking

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