32 weeks today, its crazy how quick it has gone,
:happydance:but its great ofc, :)

weird thing is like the last 4 days my bump has gotten majorly bigger, like everyday its grown a little bit more haha,
and i cant stop eating, not bad things just food in general :)

cant wait for the next 8 weeks to go quickly. then i will have mty little boy here with me :)

awww well done on gettin this far are u excited
Excellent, not long now!:happydance:
im extremly excited, i done all my room last week its been a chore, had to plaster and paint and get a new carpet and stuff, but its finally done just with a few little things to do :) and then me and mum are going to sort out the baby stuff when we get into august so that i dont get bored, and that i always have something to do,

the only thing i have problems with atm, is sleeping and backache, im constantly going for a wee.
ohh i dont talk o me about sleeping im not sleeping well either at all grrrrrr and ve not got bakc ache its bloody rib ache.

im sure tat u will have plenty to keep u going with the babys room i know i keep going in to ours and pottering around in there lol
Awww :D

Wish mine was going fast lol

Sound slie you have all the exciting stuff planned for bubs. I'm so gutted I can't do a nursery :(

Have you dried the bank up then? I hate the stuff sitting in boxes dying to get it all out :lol:
Congrats Robyn, your bundle of joy will certainly be here soon!!
oo loop i know what you mean, ive been getting rib ache too, but its getting worse cos hes growing so quickly. i feel for you..
ive spent quite a bit but not majorly loads thank god lol.
:) it will go quick honestly wobbles =)
It feels as though its really dragging for me :( I cant wait til im atleast 34 weeks so I can feel 'safe';
We are having to decorate from scratch, the box room that has not been touched since moving in the house, so its costing a fortune. Went out today and spent £300 on a bed and a carpet, and that was just for me. Ooops.

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