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Nov 8, 2006
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Well Dylan wakes up around 6 in the morning so I have to entertain him downstairs while everyone else sleeps. I have found that the best way of doing this is by wearing him in my baby wrap and dancing round the livingroom listening to my iPod, this is also then great exercise for me, I danced solidly for over an hour yesterday and really worked up a sweat.
Thing is I dont have a lot of stuff on my iPod yet, as Im doing it all as a compilation instead of just chucking on whole albums, so I need inspiration.

What better way then to ask you all what your top 10 tracks would be!
So I will start with my top 10 tracks.(in no particular order)

Soma - Smashing Pumpkins
Dont let me be misunderstod - Kill Bill soundtrack
Closer - Nine Inch Nails
Mid Life Crisis - Faith No More
Nothing Else Matters - Metalica
Dont Stop me Now - Queen
Big Girls Are Beautifull - Mica (makes me feel good about myself lol)
Girl You'll Be a Woman Soon - Urge Overkill
Drive - Incubus
Jesus Walks - Kanye West
i love closer by nine inch nails, such a suductive(sp?) song!

brill idea btw, can just imagine you dancing around your front room lol

I will have to think of my top 10

I have loads but will just go with my faves on music player at the moment
it's fine to laugh i don't care LOL
Pink-U &UR hand
Eagle eyed Cherry-save tonight
Cascada Truly madly deeply(Remix)
Boston- More than a feeling
Keane-Somewhere only we know
Snow patrol_if i lay here
The feeling-Love it when you call
The clouded lights-Show me your lazy smile
Razorlight-Before i fall to peices
Dont stop me now - Queen
In Your Honour - Foo Fighters
Misery - Green day
Seven nation army - Audioslave
Down with the sickness - Disturbed
War - System of a down
Sweet child o mine - Guns n Roses
Nothing Compares To You - Me First and the gimme gimmes
Hurt - Johnny Cash
Stairway To Heaven - Led Zepelin

alana loves all this sort of music , she goes mad and bounces round the room dancing :happydance:
Black sabath - Mr sandman
Bon Jovi - Bad medicien
My chemical romance - I don't love you
Mika - Love today
Beyonce - Irripalceable
Bryan Adams - Heat of the night
Celine Dionne - I drove all night
Girls Allowed - Wake me up
Snow partol - Chasing cars
Timberland - Give it to me

Oh and nelly furtardo - Say it right

ok my top 10 right now are

1. Rocket man - elton john
2. im a bitch - meridith brooks
3. perfect - alanis morrissete
4. fat bottomed girl - queen
5. money - pink floyd
6. black horse and a cherry tree - kt tunstall
7. dont cry - guns n roses
8. mr writer - the phonics
9. have you seen me lately? - counting crows
10. somebody to love - queen
had to think alot about this, still cant come up with 10 so here are my top 8 instead,

Green Day American Idiot
Green Day - King for a day
Green Day - Minority
Razorlight - America
Razorlight - Before i fall to peices
James Morrison - This boy
Fall out boy - Dance Dance
Queen - Dont stop me now


coby likes
reel big fish
just jack
the gossip
the clash
the damned
jimi hendrix
the who
eagles of death metal
queens of the stone age
iron maiden

so far...........
gonna be a ska punk rock metal hiphop indie kid ;)

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