“Cryptic” pregnancy — making no hCG due to breastfeeding + stress??

Discussion in 'Trying To Conceive' started by wrapunzel, Aug 26, 2018.

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    Hi ladies

    I am breastfeeding round the clock, baby was born 12/12

    On July 24 I had unprotected sex and felt a strong ovulation pain during it

    July 25 ovulation pains continued, I checked my cm/cp and found it extremely fertile, cm was egg white with streaks of blood.

    Took Clinical Guard HPTs almost daily starting August 2nd and they were all negative. Around August 5th I had yellow/green cm that strongly resembled mucus plug. Blood test on August 7th was negative. August 7th was 14 days post ovulation, my luteal phases are 11-14 days.

    Starting August 15 I had a strange period. My first period post partum. I had terrible diarrhea, super nauseous, only mild cramps and no clots at all at any point, only blood. 4 days of fresh red blood 3 of which were light and one of which was fairly heavy, followed by 3 days of spotting...

    I mourned the potential pregnancy not having happened and moved on with life. I’ve been super hungry and fatigued. Now it is August 26th. Yesterday I spiked a high fever and vomited. Today I have been super nauseous and bloated. I should be ovulating again in a few days? Cm is between lotion and egg white (or a mix of both)

    I googled “cryptic pregnancy” hoping to reassure myself it isn’t possible and instead I found it’s actually been medically documented that when the mother has certain risk factors the body does not produce hCG. I have THREE of the risk factors — breastfeeding, high stress (husband was arrested August 3rd and we signed divorce papers August 24th), and underweight/low body fat.

    So have any of you experienced pregnancy without hCG? Or anyone you know?

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    Feb 15, 2012
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    What ever happened? I think I'm going through a cryptic pregnancy now. And I'm trying to find out more about it. What happened with you?

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