11 DPO: this month's symptoms are crazy!

Discussion in 'Two Week Wait' started by brinib1, Jan 28, 2011.

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    Around 7 DPO my BBs got huge and sore (not uncommon for this time of month), I had a cold, so it's hard to know if the headaches, runny nose and nausea and fatigue I had were not related to that. Yesterday my temperature dropped as it often does on DPO 10 and I went, well, that's it, I'm out. Was actually pretty depressed and mad about it yesterday. Then at lunch I had horrible nausea-- I microwaved leftover chicken for lunch and the smell turned my stomach but I ate some of it anyway and then it sat in my stomach for four hours threatening to come back up (perhaps I just gave myself food poisoning). Today, temp up a bit again, but strangely BB soreness almost completely gone, though they are still big. BFN again this am, except... I looked at my test again well after the time was up and under bright light, so faint I couldn't possibly take a picture of it, I saw where the second line would be if there was one. I've never seen anything but snow-white there. I even dug yesterday's stick out of the trash to look at it under a bright light and nothing. Probably just an evap line-- I still feel like I'm out, but... teeny bit of hopes??? By charts are hard to read because I've only had my IUD out since late November and I started taking vitex and B6 at that time which totally changed my cycle. Fingers are crossed just in case.
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    I'm 11 dpo today as well. It's not over til it's over! I have to keep reminding myself that most people (and a lot of the charts I've seen) don't get positive HPTs until 13dpo or LATER, and even that is still considered very early.

    Oddly enough, I had a strange reaction to my lunch yesterday as well.....got really sick in the afternoon and everything just came out. Then as I was making dinner I could barely get within a foot of the pot to stir it, the smell made me gag. I'm hoping I'm not being psychosomatic, but ya never know.

    All of my 'symptoms' that I thought I spotted last week are gone as well, and though I've resigned myself to the fact that I'm out, I still have the slightest hope that I'm not.

    Good luck to you!!!! Stay positive!!

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