11 Weeks.

Discussion in 'Teen Pregnancy' started by smitsusan5, Jun 4, 2011.

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    Im 11 weeks today, and i woke up worried that i didnt feel pregnant anymore, that was until i was in sainsburys with my mum and i nearly fainted and then threw up. Nausea has deffo returned and with this heat ( i live in central london and its like 25 here)i feel like passing out all the time. Oh well only 11 days until my scan. and FOB is back from uni tomorrow for the summer. Which means BABY SHOPPPING. i just hope everything is okay and my little pudding has a heartbeat.
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    i fainted in sainsburys at 11 weeks too! i had to sit down and drink orange juice to get sugar back in my system! That was the turning point for me that i realised i HAVE to eat breakfast and keep hydrated.
    I suggest keeping snacks and drinks in your bag incase you start feeling a bit peeky again. Lemonade worked best for me, or lucozade, also suck on lemon flavoured sweets :)


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