39 plus 2!! No signs of labor :(

Discussion in 'Pregnancy - Third Trimester' started by GothamGirl, Jan 26, 2011.

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    Hello and good morning! I am just over 39 weeks, due in 5 days. Went to my ob last week and I'm not dilated or effaced! Only thing is she said Ive been having contractions based on how my cervix is positioned, must be painless because I had no idea. Just wondering what other women have experienced just about no symptoms so close to due date? I am so very anxious. I feel like I'm at a stand still!! Thanks in advance for any advice or replies!

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    I had no symptoms of labour on a second pregnancy (first I wasn't ever allowed to progress to labour on my own because of leaking waters and infection) because of an emergency section prior my doctor tried to convince me of a planned section which I booked then canceled. At my 39w5d appt I agreed to a mechanical induction armed with a lot of knowledge of what I could do to prevent it ending in section but knowing there was a high probability that if I didn't stand up for myself they would force a section.

    End of story I went into spontaneous labour at 1am on my due date! Woke up with contractions 5 min apart, hung out at home until 5am and started packing, left the house at 6am arrived at the hospital at 8am was 3cm dilated and 'just' in pain at that point. Little man arrived VBAC just before 6pm

    Good luck :hugs:

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