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Mar 4, 2010
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So I’m pretty sure I’m 6 weeks today, based on when I think I ovulated and how dark my tests progressed, which were lovely to see.

Anyway, I’m in that constant loop of ‘I wonder if everything is going ok’. It’s stupid really as I already I have given myself a pep talk about it will be what it will be.

I have symptoms, which come and go, but I have smell aversions like 100% of the time now, which based on my previous pregnancies is right for me. Bad taste in my mouth constantly unless I’m drinking or eating. Again normal for me. Feeling queasy comes and goes and it’s usually the smell aversions that can set it off. Basically, I’m worrying all the time if everything is ok.

When I had a mmc in 2018 my test lines didn’t appear until I was virtually due AF and I remember feeling like something was wrong as I didn’t have symptoms till much later. I also had spotting occasionally. I do not feel like there is any of those issues this time, but I can’t help obsessing about every little thing.

I’m 41 and we were trying for over 2 years for this baby and I feel like all you read is about more issues with pregnancies of older mothers. I am just over stressing, but it’s really starting to drive me mad now. I have an early scan booked for the 27th with the nhs, as all my pregnancies must be checked, as I had an eptopic pregnancy in 2015. I lost the tube, but they have to check anyway. I 100% know this is a normal pregnancy. I was so bad with the eptopic.

Can someone maybe give me some words of advice? Just to get me to chill. I don’t have anyone I can really talk to about this. Just want to shut my mind off lol.
Feeling so sick for the last few days. Taking as a positive sign, even if I feel pants

It's totally understandable, pregnancy can be a worrying time :hugs:
Wishing you a happy and healthy 9 months
I have been there too. It's hard to be excited and trust that all is well when you've experienced the 'not everything is okay' parts. And honestly, there's not much that I can say that will help truly ease the worries and fears. But what I CAN tell you is to just try and focus as much as you can on the present moment. I keep repeating 'Right now, I am pregnant and that is enough.' But I also bury my head in the proverbial sand and try to forget that I'm pregnant as much as I can too so... (I literally pretended I wasn't pregnant for the whole month after I found out with my last baby because I was too scared to admit it to myself. :dohh:) But know that it can be okay, even if you are an older mom. I am 38, have chronic health issues, have a less than 5% chance of a successful pregnancy each time, and am a high risk maternity patient even if I make it past the first trimester. My husband went through treatment for Stage 4 Colon Cancer a few years ago and we were told after that that we couldn't have more kids.

Well, I am currently listening to my 3 week old baby girl making all those cute scrunchy newborn noises that melt your heart. We weren't supposed to be able to get pregnant and we were NOT trying at all. I'd been on birth control pretty much right up until the cycle we conceived and I'm in early menopause so I don't ovulate every cycle anymore anyway. And yet, we still managed to not only get pregnant but beat our absymally low odds of a successful pregnancy and we had a baby girl just a few weeks ago. And I know plenty of women who have had successful healthy pregnancies in their 40s. So I am very hopeful that you will have a healthy pregnancy.
I’ve just found out it’s twins!! We are absolutely shocked

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