41 weeks + 1 days!!! How long do I have to wait.....

Discussion in 'Pregnancy - Third Trimester' started by newbesjr, Jan 30, 2011.

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    Im 41 weeks and 1 day today and as you can imagine, I getting very fed up and frustrated lol Didn't expect to be waiting this long for the little one to arrive.

    I went for a sweep on Friday and the midwife told me that my cervix is very soft and she was able to insert 2 fingers (Sorry TMI). She said she could feel bump wiggling! So im guessing he/she is very low down. Last night, I finally had some of my mucus plug comes away and some more this morning too. After the sweep, I had terrible back ache and stomach cramps and I did think it was going to happen, but nothing has since. I have since then had the best 2 nights sleep ever!!

    What is happening to the bun in the oven??? Doesn't sound like it wants to come out does it??? Do you think I should ask for another sweep??? I have got an induced booked for Saturday 5th Feb (making me 42 weeks) but I didn't want this if I could help it as want a water birth.

    Advise appreciated.

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    Jan 15, 2011
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    I know the feeling!! I'm 40+2 and getting soo impatient! I'm booked in for my sweep next Tues so not had that yet, but i know the feeling of seeing signs and thinking something will happen, only to have nothing happen at all! Clearly we've made it too comfy in there :p

    If i was you i'd ask for another sweep (i'm like you, i want things to happen on their own without being induced) having another go at one can't hurt :)

    Good luck!! xx

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