5 days til Bding adventure begins. Suggestions?

Discussion in 'Trying To Conceive' started by Mrs_B_Rabbit, Oct 9, 2013.

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    Here goes lucky 7
    It would be a miracle to share the same birth month with so much wanted first child.

    I have 5 days, 5 days til I hit the fertile week and I should ovulate around next wednesday (Oct 16th) does anyone have suggestions to kick start this next round.


    Opks are lined up and ready. I plan on trying Softcups my first time to aid swimmers (any suggestions here?).


    I screwed up and didn't start temping on cd1, think I could still get away with it. I was temping before summer but since I have no ac I figured the heat would mess up my temps.


    My vitamin/supplement cocktail:
    Super B-100 (Balanced B Complex) Tablets
    Omega III EPA & DHA Fish Oil 1000 mg. Softgels
    Multi Prenatal


    Any other ideas? I'm even open to bding ideas at this point.


    Since hubby never goes to bed til 4am should I schedule bding. I heard am is best, I wonder if wee-AM is prim? lol



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