5w4ds ... can't be teething yet surley?!!!!


Aug 31, 2006
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Maddie was pure hell last night, and we think we might no why but not to sure ... poor MrsB did her nut along with me at 4.30am!!!

Maddie was screaming blue murder for about an hour and a half ... wasn't interesed in food, cuddles, juice ... her bum was clean she was on a one man mission to destroy us all!!

Then MrsB put her finger in her mouth and she CHEWING her finger ... really biting down hard to the point where poor hayley was nearly in tears!!

Surley she can't be teething already ...i mean don't i deserve at least some sleep???

:( :( :( :roll:
She wont be teething hun, well I very much doubt it anyway. She may have been in pain with colic for example and biting as she was in pain, (eg when I was in labour I was biting the gas and air thing!)

Hope you get abetter nights sleep tonight
i know this isn't very normal or common but my nephew had 3 teeth by 2 1/2 months so i think maybe she could be teething? but i dont know it could be any number of things, alexis was "teething" having the symptoms since about 3 months and just got her first tooth at about 8 1/2 months...? confusing lol hopefully you can figure something that will at least help you get some relief from it :) good luck
My little owen has been teething since he was 2wks old he has to be changed about 3 times aday because of his dribbling!!!!!!

And the amount of bibs I go through, He has just a draw full of bibs!!!! could start my own bloody shop off at this rate!

Anbesol is the best thing I've found to work for him! he hates it to start off with but then he's happy! pain free!

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