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Discussion in 'Trying To Conceive' started by mrsb, Sep 20, 2007.

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    I had posted here a few days ago, and have a few more questions.

    First of all, how soon does implantation bleeding occur. Or rather, what is the soonest it CAN occur.

    We had sex on Friday, and on Monday I had slight bleeding. I'm really not taking much stock in it, since it happened to me last month too. It was alot lighter this time though, lasted only a couple hours.

    As for how things "feel" my boobs are sore, but again, thats a normal period sign. It almost seems like it started earlier this month, but who knows, now I'm hypersensitive to every little thing my body is doing. Normally it starts about a week before my period, this time it started about a week and 5 days before I'm due. I do know they are more swollen though, my normal bra left red lines all the way across them today from where they were pushing on it.

    The weirdest thing is I feel like I have a fever, but I don't. My bones hurt, if that makes sense. Just achy, but I'm at 98.6!

    I've had some general queasiness, but I also injured my eardrum in April at a rock concert (I'm a photographer, and to get the good shots I had to be right up front, and I blew out an eardrum) so it's possible that it's an equilibrium issue.

    It seems pretty early to me to think any of this could be related, and even if it wasn't too early, theres a fairly good chance I'm not. I see how long it takes people on these boards to get pregnant, so I think that more than likely our one time encounter will end after 2 weeks of worrying with a normal period.

    I'm still sort of confused on how I feel. I know if I am, we'll get through it, but I'm not sure I'm HOPING that I am. I think I'm sort of "It's good either way" at this point. I'm in a wonderful and solid relationship, and we're both in full time jobs that I don't think are going anywhere.

    I haven't really brought it up to my husband, no point in worrying him if it turns out there is nothing to worry about. I think 99% of my pains/aches at this point are probably in my head.

    Thanks guys :)

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