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Discussion in 'Pregnancy After A Loss' started by emilyrose.x, Jan 24, 2011.

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    Hi ladies,

    Firstly congrats on all your pregnancys!! x

    I just have a quick question to ask..

    I had my MC on 18/12/2010, was my first pregnancy and was doing everything 'by the book', my GP doc was absolute crap and i tried to get everything done through the hospital (they were brill)! :thumbup:

    Anyway, me and my OH are trying again straight away, iv not yet had my af and took a test earlier (12dpo) but digital said "not pregnant" :dohh: guna try again in a couple of days but anyway, next time i get pregnant i wanna try my best to avoid another MC.. iv been told about taking asperin after a BFP helps but the hospital said i would have to speak to my GP doctor :dohh: well as i said he is absolute rubbish, so when i next have to go to midwife i can say whats been recommended.. so do you lovely lot have any advice on what to request? Ie baby asperin? Any extra vitamins etc?

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    Jan 19, 2011
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    I never heard anything about the asprin. Not really sure if there is much that you can do to be honest, apart from hope. Though I am now tempted to do some research into that one myself. My GP is really nice but he just said to me (visualise a funny accent) "Katie, internet is internet and real life is real life. Try to be positive, that's all you can do".
    I just wanted to say that as I'm sure you're aware your AF may be late after the miscarriage. I got pregnant this time straight after my mc, but it still took a while to get the BFP. The other disadvantage is that I'm not absolutely sure when the little fella is due.
    Good luck anyway - thinking of you xx
  3. emilyrose.x

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    Thanks hun :hugs: iv heard that its good to take after a BFP as it cant do any harm, if anything benifit.. iv not looked into it properlly but MC can be due to clotting in the blood tubes and the baby asperin thins your blood? :wacko: something like that anyway lol!

    haha! yea i always google things im unsure about and then quote it to the doctors :blush: they just say "dont believe everything you read,everyones experiance are different" lol!

    Im sorry about your MC hun but congrats about the pregnancy! :hugs: how many days past ovulation did you get your bfp? before we were NTNP, really excited to get pregnant again but a little bit scared at same time :wacko: I just wanted to know if anyone had any tips to help :) xx

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