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Nov 30, 2006
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Hi everyone - not been posting in a while.

Well Lewis is now coming up for four months and I dont know where to start with the weaning????

He constantly chews his hands and drools - not sure if this has to do with him coming up to the weaning age.

The chewing hands and droolong may well be teething. How much milk is he having at the mo, and how long is he lasting at night between feeds? This is normally the best indication of whether or not he is ready, if he starts going less time at night, or needing more frequent feeds. Noah was on 8 9oz bottles of hungry baby formular a day when we had to start weening him, just cause we couldnt make our bottles any bigger!!!

When you do start always introduce one flavour at a time, then you can discover what he does and doesnt like and if he has any reaction to anything. You will find to start with that when you put food in his mouth that he will push it back out with his tounge, so it will take a while to get food in him. This is because they are used to sucking milk which involves pushing the tongue forward, and it takes them a little while to learn to push food back with their tongue.

When you introduce solids for the first time the lunch time meal is best, as they are not ravinous like first thing in the morning, and you have the time to sit back and take your time, some people give half a bottle first to take the edge of their appetite, but personally I prefered to start with the solids straight away, as Noah didnt like me taking a bottle away from him half way through. Always start with fruit or veg, easiest to cook some up yourself and then stick it in the food processor, and you can freeze these in ice cube trays then just defrost any combination of flavours as and when.

Hope this helps, have fun!
Cat has said it all!

Just make sure that for the first few weeks, it's really well purreed. No lumps as he won't be able to cope with chewing as well as learning to swallow differently.

Oh, and I personally wouldn't bother with baby rice at all. I know some people swear by it, but I made up some purrees carrot, parsnip, butternut squash, and apple and pear, right from the start. And already Charlie will eat anything put in front of him!
Cat Lewis takes 8 onz every three hours and crys for more just cant keep him going x
Go for it then, you know your child better than anyone else. I agree with what Amanda says about babyrice, I only ever just used it to bulk up a veg puree a little. If you are concerned that a veg taste might be a little strong to start with you can just add some formula and babyrice to 'dilute it' while bub gets used to the new flavours.
I weened maddie at 11/12 wks cause she was ALWAYS hugry ... wanted feeding every hour and a half was a nightmare!!

You and only you know when it is right for your child to be having more ...

should I start him on breakfast with a bottle - then maybe a yoghurt in the afternoon????
Your best off trying fruit or veg first hun as oposed to dairy, as its very rare for babies to have intollerances to fruit and veg, hense why its such good weening food, and why you normally have to wait a bit longer to try things like meat, dairy and fish etc. Try it when you woud normally give the second bottle of the day, ie not breakfast when they are ravenous, or when they would have a mid afternoon feed. Try the solids then once he is done give him his bottle like normal. Dont be surprised if he still drains the whole bottle like normal, some times it takes them a little while to get used to the idea of solids in their diet.
Thanks Cat - you mentioned earlier teething - what should i watch out for ?
Different with differnt babies, but generally lots of drooling and chewing on things, the cheeks are often quite red and feel warm to the touch, and generally it can do all sorts of weird things to their poo! they may get dioreah or have their poo go a funny colour, like green!

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