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    Okay, my girlfriend and I are trying for a baby. For about 3 months now.
    She last had a period 39 days ago. We took a test around the 31 day mark
    but it was negative. We are taking another test on wednesday. She's had
    cramps for around 3 weeks now, been drowsy at times, had really bad
    headaches in the last few days, as well as apparently having an unusual
    craving for the smell of petrol.

    I just wondered what the chance she's pregnant could be this time around,
    given that she's so late, but taking into account the negative we got on 31

    And, also, if we get a negative, I will be quite worried about the lateness
    and if there could be something wrong. Obviously going to the doctors for a
    pregnancy test is the next logical step if we get a negative, but I also
    wondered, how long without a period (when not pregnant) is considered
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    Feb 7, 2009
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    Well missed periods are due to things other than pregnancies. Weight gain, stress, or hormonal imbalances are just a few of the many reasons that a woman misses her period. So try not to worry before seeing a doctor. Continue to be observant, though. But because you do want a child, I hope your dreams come true. Good luck in your journey!

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