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Sep 1, 2006
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was hoping you would be on msn!!
how did the interview go? cant find any posts about it, hope it all went well though :hugs:

Good luck AG :hugs:

Are you giving in notice to your current job anyway? Has it been bad?
Havent decicded yet. Did my sickie call half hour ago, wasnt pleasant i can tell you. i had to call twice and pretend id called my doctors.
Goodluck AG ... hope it all goes well for you hun!

Cheers, its not untill 6pm so ill be hovering about untill 5pm pestering you all lol.
Got your text...but need details! How did it go?

BTW Hope you are feeling better...*ahem*... :rofl:

It was the most fun interview ive done thats for sure. Got myself stuck into things that i would normally be too shy to do (mini presentations sorta thing)
and i think i aced the retail quiz.
Should hear in 3 days if successful :D
Fingers crossed. Do you know what job it's for yet?
Ohhh well done for today and good luck on the retail test!!

Fingers crossed for you babes!
It wasnt for a specific job, it was a speculative application if you like.
One of the forms was to specify what department you would prefer to go into (but wouldnt nessasarily get). I put one of my options as checkouts as i know they were looking for some people for that dept (info source from rob lol)
Also put myself down as very flexible and asked for 20+ hours
Aww well done glad it went well. Fingers crossed for you .. hope they give you something good!! :happydance:
So glad it went well fo ryou hun
fingers crossed xxx

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