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Aug 31, 2006
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Sorry, put this in here so its gets seen.

Im looking to get a sling for this baby, i have found this one on ebay, can you tell me if its any good, coz i havent got a clue about them.


Dont actually know if they are any good but looks fab!!
ring slings i think are the best, as they can be used for different things... such as a blanket, baby reins when there walking and a sling for new born to lie snuggled in or a toddler to sit on your hip. hers a nice selection, i have the bara barn sling in capachino.

i know a forum where they have a section for people selling slings, pm me or add my msn and i will show u
Ive heard alot of good things about the Freedom Slings company :D
Personaly I would be wary of why that one is so cheap, the blurb says its good for when sling is in the wash, and one of the feedback sayd they have been using slings for 8 years and that one is compact and cool. So I get the impression that the fabric might be quite thin, perhaps not suitable for heavy use or for large babies/todlers.

It all depends on what your looking to do with a baby sling. Do you just want it for trips out to save using the buggy, or do you want it for use around the house too? Persoanlly I dont like the single shoulder type slings as they would do my back in and if you want to get on and do housework like hang out washing. cleaning etc you risk tipping the baby out when you bend over. Same with if your going for a walk and have another todler with you and you need to be able to bend down and deal with them. I know Dionne mntined this as a draw back to hers. For things like this I think a wrap is better as their is no way in hell your gonna have you baby fall out of that!

However if you just want something quick and easy to put on if you just nipping to a shop of something you can just keep in a change bag for if your toddler gets to tired to walk anymore and you want to quick pop them in a sling then they are great as they are quick and easy to put on and smaller to carry around when not in use.

So its worth having a think about how you plan on using it.
Would it okay just for newborn use? (thinking of me in the future) I already havea mei tai that i would use for an older baby when he/she had head control but i wouldnt use it for a newborn.
it would be worth the extra money buying a better quality sling ... after all you dont want anything to happen to your baby whilst wearing it!!!
Would it okay just for newborn use? (thinking of me in the future) I already havea mei tai that i would use for an older baby when he/she had head control but i wouldnt use it for a newborn.

Yeah if you only have one child to deal with its prob fine cause if your just bending over to do up your shoe or something you can use a hand to help hold them in place. Its just if your trying to wrestle another toddler to the floor and your hands are on them you may end up catapulting the baby!
i really want to get a wrap for the next baby, cat- the blue one you posted holding Dylan in looked so comfy to wear! im considering getting one of these,they look really secure. not too keen on the sling ones.
if u look on forums and site aimed at baby wearing u will see freedom slings is quite a well recognised company, and although the material may be thin, its made differently so its very strong, my sling is made of thin material but that makes it good if u using it in water as they dont get heavy and weigh u down and dry quicker.

as to baby falling out, if worn properly there is no way a baby would fall out, plus u can carry baby on your back and still be free to carry on normal things.

i think its nice to support SAHM mums who make slings just as the SAHM that make cloth nappies, u just need to get advice from people that know alot about all slings

see there is no chance this baby would fall out
Thanks for the links Paradysso :)

Cat, i only want it for now and again use, i wont be wearing the baby alot on me, it will jsut be for a quick trip out, or if i need to go in the garden for something, thats sort of thing.

So will that be ok for that? i love the desgins of them, i think they look fab, but i really don tknow enough to go and choose one on my own lol

looking at her other items, she has a padded one, maybe this one would be better then?

If your just using it for little trips out the origional one you showed would be fine. Cheap and easy to throw on and light wight so you can take it out in a bag and put it on if you need it.

See I take Noah to toddler group for 2 hours with Dylan strapped to me asleep the whole time, and Im grovling on the floor with him, so a sling would be crap for me. But if your just popping to the shops or walking kids to school you will prob be fine with that little sling. at that price you may as well give it a go, if it doenst work out sell it on and try something else.
I love my babyhawk as I can fold it up and pop it in her changing bag, then if I need it I can just pop it on. She feels really secure, but I only started using it when she was a few months old so not sure about using it for newborn.

Cat I want a wrap next time. Love the look of them.

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