Allergy advice needed please peeps!!

Discussion in 'Pregnancy - Third Trimester' started by BabyHaines, Dec 23, 2009.

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    Jul 25, 2009
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    This is inspired by Katy's post (thank you for reminding me to bring it up!!)

    I have an allergy to Penicillin (causes rash and can cause sickness) and a food allergy to Oats (which causes horrendous stomach cramps).
    The Oat allergy I had 'grown out of' if that makes sense?? (It didn't happen when I accidently ingested Oats), but since being pregnant it has come back (Hubby made flapjacks....Uh, oh!!).

    However, my biggest worry is that about six or so years back, (I think?!) I was admitted to A&E and was put on a drip for something. Well.......I had anaphalactic shock and it was horrendous :(
    My throat became dry (like I'd suddenly developed a very tickly cough), my head became itchy and then my head felt like it was swelling massively. Thankfully, my friend that was with me realised something was up and grabbed the nurse, who managed to switch the drip off and whip it out (could not breathe, let alone scream out :(

    She then flushed me through with something and I was OK, but I was never told what the thing was that gave me the reaction (yes, I should have asked, but I was embarressed for being there in the first place - it was my own stupid fault and I just wanted to sneak away when they let me out).

    Now.....It has not really borthered me since, but now I am pregnant, I am terrified that they will give me something (in case of emergency C-sec etc). that will cause this again (sooooo frightening) and I am so worried about bubs.

    Problem is, A&E don't keep 'normal' medical records and only have paper records. It was sooooooooo long ago, I don't think I could pinpoint the year, let alone the date?! and I know there will be no way of finding out what it was.

    It's really playing on my mind.....can any of you shed any light on any ideas??xx
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    If you can remember why you were there the doctors might be able to work out what the likely treatment was and advise you.

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