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    On the 6th I had a dr appointment which the dr wanted to schedule an induction for the 15th. I had nothing against baby coming that day but I really didn't want a deadline... because I declined I was scheduled for an ultrasound to check on baby. My BP was high at this appointment too (nerves!!) But dr was concerned about preeclampsia and sent me immediately for an NST and lab work after the appointment. Everything checked out fine and I could go home, just go to ultrasound on the 8th, and NSTs starting on the 12th.
    On the 7th I was feeling very depressed about this whole situation and DH let me spend most of the day in bed resting. Then I decided to lift my mood with a good walk. So I called a friend who was due 2 weeks after me. We had a good walk together and I felt much better! (She ended up having her baby the day before me!)
    On the 8th I had an ultrasound done that showed he was 6lb 14oz...and comparing that size to 5lb 13oz at my 36 week scan that showed he wasn't growing properly and my placenta function may be declining and that may be caused by my BP...and they wanted baby to be induced the next day.
    I had a strong gut feeling that ultrasound was inaccurate and declined the induction in favour of doing daily non stress tests instead. He showed that he was very healthy during those.
    So I had NST done on the 9th and 10th. DH and I did some mall walking after the NST and I had a spicy curry meal from the food court. I walked the escalator a few times too. The Dr on the 10th insisted on a c section for that day. I had to have strength to turn him down too and scheduled another NST for the 11th. Then DH, DS and I went to a kids expo fair in our area where I was on my feet walking almost all day! When we got home I even went walking up and down a big steep hill. We asked my MIL to come for the night since we'd have an NST in the early morning and didn't want to take DS.
    At 10:30pm that night I went to the bathroom and I thought my water had broke (more than just pee had definitely come out) and we went to hospital to confirm. So glad MIL was at our house! They concluded it hadn't broke but I was having contractions 8 minutes apart lasting 30 seconds and was 2cm dilated. The dr gave me a sweep and thankfully didn't mention an induction. But we moved the NST to the afternoon for the next day so we could get some sleep after being at the hospital! We got home at 4:30am (time change) and slept. My doula suggested it may be a hind water break...
    Morning of the 11th my contractions weren't really there anymore so we went for a long walk and they picked back up. My mom came to relieve my MIL of watching our son.
    We went for NST at 1:30pm. Little boy was healthy on the monitors and Contractions were like 5 minutes apart lasting 30 seconds. Dr said I was 3cm but baby's head was way too high up still. She suggested admitting us and breaking my water to get baby's head down to start labour. Said I probably wouldn't need pitocin or anything.
    So that was good to know but I declined and got discharged because of everything I'd read about getting baby into a good position I didn't want to jeopardize things and have a 24hr clock over me. The contractions weren't that painful. Like a tight hug. I thought I'd be in labour for quite a few more hours. We decided to stay close to the hospital just in case though.
    We went out for lunch and to the mall where we walked. My doula had lent me a TENS machine to put on for some pain relief. Around 3:30pm Contractions became 2minutes apart lasting 30 seconds and I put on the TENS machine while we continued to shop. Then went to my doula's house (she lived close by) at 5pm and first we talked about what was going on. I could talk through the contractions just fine...she suggested we rest on her couch and we all thought we'd be there for a few hours. I was listening to soothing music, DH rubbed my back, peanut ball between my legs, and I used the TENS machine during contractions. I only had two contra tions which required me to moan loudly, before "pop" my water broke all over her couch!! With meconium staining... and then DH and her got me in the car. I guess it was only a 10 minute drive to the hospital. I remember humming along to "The Woman in Me" by Shania Twain that happened to be playing.
    Got to the hospital at 6:11pm my husband says. I was a sight to see at the hospital getting out of the car walking to the doors holding a big towel between my legs. My doula walked in with me while DH parked. She talked me through each contraction. I had a contraction learning against the wall just inside the main entrance to hospital. Walked to elevator. Had contraction in elevator and had to walk out of the elevator during the contraction to get off on my floor. I actually think being in a wheel chair would have been worse because I liked feeling in control and sitting would have been really uncomfortable.
    Walked to desk in labour and delivery when another contraction started and I gushed a bunch more fluid onto the floor. They didn't have time to admit me really. Just got in a room and somehow managed to get undressed. Felt the urge to push but they wanted to see how dilated I was. I couldn't help but push a bit in hands/knees on the bed then got on my back. They said I was fully dilated and I actually felt pretty ok on my back so I said I'd push on my back. They put my legs in stirups and I pushed maybe 6 times screaming like a mad woman! 2 pushes per contraction than a break. I instinctually put my hand to feel him coming out and even moved a bit of my skin that seemed in the way to me. He was born at 6:37pm. He didn't cry immediately after when they placed him on my chest but coughed a bit and they took him over for observation where he started crying. He didn't need any suction or oxygen ect. Scored a 9 on his Apgar. Was actually 8lb 5oz 21.25 inches long! 35cm diameter head circumference.
    I tore up pretty bad...2nd degree. The dr spent more time stitching me than I had pushed for and that was really painful.
    I am so amazed by the whole experience and feel so great that I only did everything I was comfortable with even with doctors suggesting so many things ...
    My mom watched our first son all night and brought him to visit the next day. He was so happy to meet his brother.
    I'm so happy everything worked out!

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