AMH - 69pmol/l - above normal range... help

Discussion in 'Long Term Trying To Conceive' started by BobDog, Jun 2, 2011.

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    hi guys,

    a little background for you, had our first appointment at ninewells dundee in march this year, and we had the usual blood tests (hep B+C and HIV test for both of us and i had a few others done including the AMH test.

    so my problem - i had a letter though from them telling me that my result of 69pmol/l is above the normal range. but something un-nerves me about it, usually above normal range is a good thing, but they wrote in the letter that they may have to re-think the method of IVF and / or if it is an option for us with my blood work... am i making sense?
    what am i meant to do with this information, i've tried telling myself it will be fine and there is nothing to worry about but there is a niggling stress of it.

    has anyone got any knowledge if AMH and if so, please share...:wacko:

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    Hey Jen

    I am no expert on medical facts but a guess I think their main concern would be OHSS, if you google that it will probbsbly give you a better idea of what it is than I could. To pit basically they're concerned you may redpond too well to the fertility drugs which could pose potential problems xx

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